company ubinary fraudulent foresight


لقد فتحت حساب في شركة ubinary التبصر الاحتيال وتحذيرهم بشدة بعيدا عنهم فقدت مبالغ كبيرة أكثر من 24،000 $ ولكن مع صلت الأرباح 34،000 $ بسبب الغش وسيتولى كل ما عندي من المال أريد أن مقاضاتهم في المحاكم، ولكن الذي يساعدني الذي يوجه لي سوف يغفر لهم أبدا، وعندما دخلت على حسابي وجدت كارثة كبيرة جدا لقد فقدت كل أموالي ولم يبقي لي ولكن فقط 3 $.
أريد أن حل مشكلتي
أريد أن حل مشكلتي ما هو الحل؟


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The amount came with trading profits to $ 34,000 and then the manager of the account asked me to buy the Swiss franc because it would collapse and it was a chance to win. I told him it was a risk that 100% very big gains. The first deal was $ 8,000 and then the second $ 10,000 Then the third operation is $ 10,000, then the fourth operation is $ 6,495 and the gains from these transactions will be obtained increasing the amount of $ 24,000 over two days and when I entered my account I found a very large disaster lost all my money and did not keep me but only $ 3 I wanted Solution to my problem this I almost lost my mind and hit me tired physically and psychologically, I contacted R. He is the account manager but no a The limit answers me with that he was in my previous answer directly, as well as the company no one answers me.
I want to solve my problem What is the solution to my problem?


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Ubinary already marked as a scam Broker base on Trader`s vote and scamming cases. You can read more here

Now, come to the solution of your problem, If you deposited your money via credit card then contact the credit card customer care asap and ask them to file a chargeback OR Contact Rebecca here WinChargeback, she will help you to get back your money.

You can also share your story on their social media pages suggested below to draw their attention to your issue.

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