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I'm sorry for my late reply

The company was sent an email. No reply was received
Special messages were sent to the Whatsapp , but No reply was received and did not give a reaction to my messages

The confirmation of the financial withdrawal and investment portfolio was included.

Please help me solve this problem..

Send them one more reminder and if they failed again then message me. I`ll suggest you some more effective ways to get your money back.
Hello to all of u guys my name is Alanoud.i think I am in a middle of a scam firstly I blame myself only I was careless and a noob I don't know if my money gonna come back to me I wish to God it here how it started I got a phone call on 18/4/2017 from a very friendly and persuasive lady who talked to me into adding funds to their site for trading promising high profits on Apple stock Dax etc guess what I did it I was impressed and Charmed

and was introduced to a guy named D. yonis who Handels gold accounts who helped me set my trader account and guide me thru it I did suspect something since I am not qualified for a gold account still becoming one but that's when the headache begun I am no master trader I am noob so I did ask his help on stuff he started to nag me and guilt me into INCREASING my funds I invested 500 dollars, he wants me increase it to 10k dollars I mean wtf so for a whole Two weeks he did help me a lot talk me THRU stuff even open and close trades for me while nagging me to death,

But did not like it ($ 500) and wanted to increase the amount you increased ($ 400) and the first deal was made and the profit ($ 217) was good !!

Three days later, another deal was opened and the profit was made ($ 75).

On 21/4/2017 I asked to withdraw the amount ($ 400) for the needs of the special,

But no response !! Every day I send them on messages and I do not reply !!!

Now in my account (1197 $).

I did not lose any deal; but the account manager did not give a response to get the money back !!!

Please help me solve my problem with this company.
Your awesome man,
I saw FPA team note here
IT will be good if you can recheck the image link and share here in your thread
They are not answering my call or messages, also there email and other social media outlets are silent, we are not communicating at all, so what should I do now, thanks a lot of for all of your efforts.
These numbers have continued with me : (just whatsapp)
D.yonis : +447978361429 (From the date of 19/4/2017 _ 2/5/2017)
Hayfa alhorany : +44798344208 (From the date of 18/4/2017 _29/4/2017)

Continue through the call :
They are now receiving my whatsupp messages but still ignoring them, what should I write/send other then an invite? Are taking this seriously? How can I open a case against them. I want this to be solved please. I want my money back I feel so robbed. Thank you all.