1. I

    I got a job offer from UFX.com (Toyga) - Should I take it?

    Hello everyone. I am from Israel and I got a job offer from Toyga for Business Development. I wanted to check out more information about the job but after doing some Google searches I've realized Toyga is a company that owns UFX.com and I assume I'd be dealing with this site UFX.com if I'd get...
  2. G


    UFX or UFXMARKETS is the same thing, this company has made many state truffles careful and not invested, certainly surely cheated ... Anna Mancini is a scammer and works with them, look very careful !!!
  3. M

    Scammed by ufx.com

    Hi, I have trading with ufx for almost a month. They took 90k$ from me. I was earning around 1000$ every day so they said the money will be doubled by the end of March l. But on the other side there were some losing deals more than 40k$. They said we wont close it we will leave and we will do...
  4. H

    UFX.com: Stole my money

    hello, i want to share my story On 17 march 20, company called through people called Jad & Nasib Jordanian/Palestinian nationality same mine and kept chasing with me convincing with UFX trading then let me deposit amount from my credit card as he instructed as he the expert & specialist...
  5. B

    Been scammed by ufx

    Hi my father was originally looking into bitcoin. But somehow ended up at UFX whom got him to invest his life savings through a cold call. They assured him that his monies were safe. He had a senior trading man assigned to help him called dave Clarke based in Cyprus. After a few courteous...
  6. Guitarman1973

    UFX class action - Find a different one.

    Contact me to join our class action litigation case: UFX.class.action@gmail.com
  7. Khatab


    Imad Younis called me a UFX employee and convinced me to trade through their company for $ 2000 and then asked to increase them to $ 5,000 and then he entered me a losing deal and asked me to increase the amount to $ 10,000 until the balance did not expire and I actually entered the money but I...
  8. A

    Resolved: UFX broker scam

    I have been scammed by UFX reliantco investment Ltd license 127/10 from cysec They intentionally did high risk deals and abused my account Now they threaten me if not deposited more money they will close my account The story started at21 aug 2019. I saw this ad on Facebook,I signed in just to...
  9. mo patel

    SCAMMED BY UFX NO JOY FROM ombudsman etc

    i got scammed by UFX 80000usd few years ago i made complaint to complaints@financialombudsman.gov.cy took nearly year case closed in ufx favour ive spent 1000s more on lawyer /payback companies that say can recover my money and sue ufx all another scam any company out there that not ask...
  10. B

    UFX Scam victims - Let's unite to destroy them

    Hi Everyone, I have been recently scammed by UFX through their account manager "Salma Hasan" who was pushing me continuously to deposit more and more till my total deposit reached $23,000. The moment I told her I want to close the account, she became very aggressive and forced me to open a huge...
  11. B

    UFX Withdrawal

    Hi, I was recently duped into signing up with UFX. I quickly realised that something wasn't quite right and requested to withdraw the funds I deposited before I started trading. UFX has asked me to send certain documents to proceed with the withdrawal. They've asked me to send a scan of my...
  12. M

    scam UFX.com

    my name is jassim last month on 14th/sept/2018 i saw some advertisment with fake reviws on one web site about this componay and i registerd with them and after few hours some body call me from the company and advice me to open new account with small amount of money 450$ and he ask me many...
  13. M

    UFX took my 450$ US

    My name is Mohamed Abdelrahman living in Germany. On Tuesday 28.08.2018 I have received a call from UFX http://www.ufx.com/ the man was so polite so I could not hang the phone because I was so busy and preparing for an appointment so he requested me just to apply and download their App and just...
  14. danaalnasser

    Get scammed from ufx

    I am from Saudi Arabia, someone contact me from ufx company from the vip lounge he convince me to transfer money and he'll be responsible for the trading and loosing will be 5% maximum as he won't trade all the amount of money then I transferred 2666$ to them and they make contract with me as I...
  15. A


    UFX is it a Fraudulent Opened an account with UFX I noticed that my account was always showing a different date of birth despite updating the correct date of birth. Following their prompt I invested in Gold only to be asked to deposited more funds Built up my account to $29000 . Then came a...
  16. A

    UFX operating from Albania

    Hi guys... After nearly one year of following these people, spending the double of what i deposited (12.000USD) i found them. Who is calling you is located in Albania under the name unitcentershpk.com. Just ask anybody who is calling you to pass on the phone Arjodita, or alban alibali, or fatjon...
  17. ScamXposR


  18. Y

    UFX SCAM and foul play

    I started trading with UFX 2 months ago I deposited $500 and started to trade straight away I was told I need to add more funds to my account as there was something big coming to the market and I need to take the opportunity of it .Everyday I received call from ufx about trading...
  19. L

    UFX lost all my capital then demanded more

    im a young and in experienced trader looking to grow some of his savings, once they got their claws in they kept pressuring and manipulating me in to depositing more and more money. They used my lack of experience to their advantage by talking about huge profit and stories. They told me to open...
  20. A

    UFX.com the biggest con

    Hi, I got scam by ufx.com 20,000usd! The trading specialist promised me get 10,000 in minutes. But in seconds the position went to -4000usd, to my shock that he told me to put in more money in order to secure the -4000usd and the position stay open?!! I End up 20,000usd all wipe out! I phoned to...