UBinary.com - Misuse of my invested funds

Bryan Wood

My Ubinary.com experience
During October 2015 Ryan Allman my Account Manager
outlined a plan for me that he said, conservatively, could return around 2K to 3K per month
on the US$20,000.00 I had invested
And by December 30/12/2015 the account was progressing according to the plan
In the 30-day period that the markets were open
From 06/11/2015 to 22/12/2015
There were 15 trades opened on my account
With a turnover totalling $10,350.00 - averaging $690.00 per trade
And by the end of December 2015 the account balance was $22,042.10
showing a $2,042.10 profit in my account
I was feeling good about my investment and happy with the way Ryan Allman was working with me
Contacting me each day by Skype and by phone each Monday night to discuss the trading from the previous week
There was absolutely no indication of what was about to happen
On 04/01/2016 I withdrew $3,000.00 from the withdrawal section of my Ubinary portal
The very next day 05/01/2016 the withdrawal was reversed by Ubinary
During the next week I had several discussions with Ryan Allman about the withdrawal situation and he said he was “working on it”
And on 11/01/2016 Ryan Allman made the same withdrawal (of $3,000.00) on my account and that was also reversed in the back office the next day 12/01/2016 by Ubinary
And then later that day (Monday 11/01/2016) the reckless trading began and continued over the next 11 work day period to 25/01/2016
Finally losing all but $78.25 of my December 2015 account balance of $22,042.10
There were 15 trades with a turnover totalling $68,100 and averaging $4540 per trade opened on my account without any discussion with me
Despite numerous emails and Skype messages to Ryan Allman and numerous emails to Max Gordon (Head of Ombudsman Department)
requesting the trading to stop. Nobody answered my calls
On Monday 25/01/2016 Ryan Allman finally contacted me by Skype, then called me on the phone and said he had been ill and he would now move forward positively with my account
It was a positive phone call, Ryan seemed happy and saying all the right things, and I had the feeling that my account, and our professional relationship, was again back on track
At the time of this phone call, on Monday 25/01/2016 my account was showing a free balance of $16,448.45 with no open trades in the system
Then within two hours of our phone call, all but $78.25 of my balance had been placed on trades
And by Thursday 28/01/2016 (three days later) every trade had been lost
Leaving me with $78.25 in my account (which I cannot access)
Their trading actions in the last 11 work days were totally, irrational and irresponsible and completely out of character with the previous two months
Despite many requests I have not had any response from Ryan Allman, Max Gordon or any other person from Ubinary
As soon as money is deposited into a Ubinary account, they take full control of the money deposited, as the withdrawal section of the portal cannot be actioned by the account holder
Based on my experience, Ubinary.com is a scam site
It may be of interest to note that on 04/01/2016 the Main Headquarters address was changed on the Ubinary.com website from:
Portman Place London UK to Badenerstrasse 549,8048 Zurich Switzerland
I have screen shots of all of the account details and copies of all the Skype conversations and emails sent to all parties
Can anything be done?
If nothing can be done and this really is a "Buyer Beware" industry,
Then how can the public be made aware of this disgusting scam company, Ubinary.com?
Bryan Wood