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Wasn't sure if I should post these or send an email? Please let me know in case I come across anymore. Although I've looked through these services, and even like what I see on some, this is NOT a recommendation! I have NO experience with any "paid" sections of these sites-just a general overview. Just a request to perhaps list them for others who may have experience with them.

1. Blue Point Trading-an international prop trading firm-the owner has a daily Vlog he posts that has a good review of daily news & events that could effect foreign currencies. Also, lots of good information in their free education section.

2. Tradingschools.org - a Review site catering mainly to stocks, indices & commodities, but also contains a few Forex related sites. Just an aside: it was a commenter on this site that first referred me here to FPA :) if you read the proprietor's (Emmett Moore) VERY compelling bio, you can see why he does what he does.

3. Learncurrencytradingonline.com - I learned about this site from some well-done, educational videos posted by them on YouTube. There's a couple of "basic" Forex pdf's available if you sign-up for their newsletter. I only signed-up today, so I can't speak to what the newsletters contain, but the educational videos ARE VERY helpful, especially if you prefer simple price action.

4. AnnaCoulling.com (and she and her husband purchased the company that provides their indicators at QuantumTrading.com) - Anna has written some books, primarily geared towards Forex, including a "Beginning Forex" book. Her strategies and 2 other books are based on Volume Price Action and a "3-Dimensional Trading" (Volume-Price Action & Fundamentals) I haven't gotten far enough in her book, nor do I have the experience, to offer ANY opinions on her strategy. I HAVE posted questions in another thread under this heading, as I'd love to hear others, more experienced & knowledgable, opinions. Anna stated at a recent "class", (basically a "trading room" showing her software being used), that she and her husband are in the process of updating the website and will be offering "classes" for traders "in a few weeks" complete with daily classes, video lessons, provided reading, "homework" and "tests". She said a more formal announcement will be posted on their websites. The Quantumtrading site is specifically for the sale of their volume and currency strength indicators and education on how to use them. Personally, after concentrating on price action the past month or two; I was thoroughly confused when she brought up her charts. They're very colorful, but I couldn't even see the prices on several of them! (You can see examples of the front page of her site) When I said how bewildered I was, her husband typed back that it doesn't take long to learn to interpret them & I'd understand them after reading her book. The indicators cost anywhere from $40-something to $197 individually to over $800 for the full package.
Sorry-I just checked the Quantumtrading site: there are indicators on "sale" for $19 (reg $37) and the full pkg for MT4 is $894. They're also available for Ninjatrader and they said they're working adapting them for other platforms-at similar prices.
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