Aston Markets aka Aston Forex – Too Many Withdrawal Failures


Aston hasn't returned my money back yet. For all victims I advice to address to Britain's police department, which is engaged in fraudsters (scams) Action Fraud. If somebody knows, how to address to interpol, just write, everybody should try, also, this method. In police department you should explain your case in details and put all contacts that you have. Most interesting that the manager from Aston, which I had conversation, appears in company Homepage - Ftradition - English. It is quite possible, that this company and Aston, they are the same companies. At least, they promised me to get my money from Aston, if I will open an account and make deposit. Later I had a call from some moron, that introduced himself like a manager from Aston and offered me 20$, if I won't speak with police about this problem. So that's why I advice to everybody to be careful with Homepage - Ftradition - English, and I ask to moderators to check a connection between this company and Aston. If somebody have ideas, what else we can do to punish fraudsters from Aston, please be free to contact me by e-mail address I will use your advices with pleasure.


2nd Lieutenant
Investment scam reporting form ……FCA website
They all used Worldpay accounts RBS, Barclays……that’s why FCA need to be involved….
Ok, I will check what to publish to provide some evidence about scammer linkage.