Help Wanted Beta Testers Needed


Price Master Pro development team is looking for qualified beta testers to test drive the indicator before launch. This task should not be taken lightly since there will be reporting requirements & conditions associated with it as described below. Only a few qualified applicants will participate in this Beta testing phase.

Number of Beta testers needed: 377 participants

Reporting period: Up to 8 weeks

Beta testers should have the following qualifications at a minimum:

1. Strong interest in Fibonacci projection methodology.
2. Basic understanding of Fibonacci price projections (retracements, extensions, expansions and alternates).
3. An active participant at online trading forums (example, FPA)
4. Must have at least 55 posts demonstrating active and meaningful participation among the forum's community (references required).
5. Of excellent observation skills.
6. Of excellent communication skills.
7. Of good character
8. Communicates well in English Language.

Reporting requirements:

1. Report any anomalies or "bugs" observed during use
2. Report any error messages
3. Report should include:

* The type of anomaly/"bug" observed
* The date and time of observation
* A screen-shot of how the "bug" is manifested on the chart (if applicable/possible)
* Supporting log file (if applicable)

Reporting Schedule: bi-Weekly (Friday of every other week)

New Indicator Build Release Cycle: 2 weeks

Exit requirements: A close-out report outlining the testers experience with the indicator and their over-all assessment of its readiness for release. This report will be due on the Friday of the last week of testing.


For your time and participation you will be offered

1. 21% discount on the cost of the service when it is launched
2. Opportunity to provide video/audio/text testimonials that will be featured on the home page

Sign up Instructions: On or after 10-10-2010 head on to Price Master Pro website and click on the Beta Test link to sign up

Qualified applicants will be approached individually.

Thank you for your interest in Price Master Pro