BIG OPTION problems


Binary1.png Binary1.png Binary2.png I am an old man of 63 years old who live in the Québec, Canada. My English is very good and in last april I have seen a pub on your AutoTrading Robot. I am retired 15 years ago and my wife was very sick and at the hospital. I was amazed by your video. I have filled your form and 10 mins after I have received a phone call of Marie Jeannot from France. I tell her that I wanted to try the ATR and she ask me to deposit 1001$US in my account. I do it by credit card. Fifteen mins later I received a call of a french people Diego Costa. He said me that for work with the ATR, I need to be gold member and to put 1500$ in my account. I do it immediately the 08/04/15. It was the last contact with Diego Costa. One hour after I received a call of Lindsey Taylor, she want that I add 2500$ more to trade big events and I can have a bonus. I refused and ask to talk to a french people, prefer with Diego. No answer from Diego.
It was not Diego who call me but Daniel Buckley (English man who can speak french, we were the 10th april). But for him, he is not trading with 5 but 50 000$, and I can make in a few months 10 000$/month.

I have send it 5000$ by credit card and 15 000$ by a loan I made to the bank. In april my credit card was at the limit (14,000$ Can) and he was supposed to witdraw this amount to pay off credit card. I have loan the amound from a friend. He made dozens of promises he never kept. He was calling me 3-4 times/day.

In August I write to the support:Next: I don't wanted to have Daniel Buckley as manager, I don't need this kind of people. This individual is a person who loves handled, laugh at others, in short, use all means to achieve his terms. I just wanted to invest for the robot. He took it all means to me that I indebted and make me invest US $ 50,000. Then after, no more news for 3 weeks. He could call me up to 3-4 times a day for more and more money. I call it harassment. And I have no contol on my account. I am VIP now (I never want that). You will find in option all conversation between him and me on Skype. Find somebody to translate it. Look on the trades that he is doing: he makes all in 3 minuts and after that he forgets you. 18,000$ on EUR/USD (I have had 8000$US in July), 14 000$ on Bank of America, 8,000$ on AUD/USD, 8000$ on USD/JPY, 6 000$US on Facebook and 5800$ on eBay, a child of 7 years old can do the same. This man is dangerous for trading.
I WANT 100% OF CONTROL ON MY ACCOUNT. AND BE SURE THAT I WILL NEVER REINVEST WITH YOU. Daniel make me a lot of promises, but the looser was me.

At the end of the month my balance was of 43 000$ that I want to withdraw. He call me, tell me that he was outside and he give me 6000$ of withdrawal. The rest of the money he place it in trade at long term.

After that I have passed one other month without news, send messages by chat but no messages. At the end of september my balance was of 42 100$ and I asked a withdrawal. The first day of october I have received a call from Peter Thompson. I asked him to trade with the ATR but he refused, he has cancelled my withdrawal and give me 5000$ on my credit card. The next day he was loosing 5000$ on the gold in less than 24 hours.(see file gold). I was furious, try to call him, no answer.

I have been all the month of october without news on Skype, no call, nothing. At the end of october my balance was of 58 575$US. I have asked a withdrawal of 30 000$US, On the 2th november he call me and tell me he can do better and don't withdraw the 30 000$, I made arrangement with him that he can trade with 50 000$ and I can withdraw 8575$US
Two days later, he has changed the password ( I can not have access to the site because I never received it in my e-mail) cancel the 2 withdrawals and begin to trade with the ladder at 15:20, until 16:09 ans have lost 42 trades of 500$. After he has gone to Binary Option, next that he has made 19 trades of 2000$ each and sold 16 of them (6.5 hrs before the end of the trades), not because it was dangerous but because they were all finished at 23:00 (7hours after) and he can't have the control on them. For finish he come back to the ladder at 16:35 to finish to lost 5 trades from 500-1000 $ and the last one 100$ until my balance was at 58.65$ How can you explain than a senior trader can lost 70 trades of 500-2000$US and he lost 58 500$ in 50 minuts?

I have withdrawal 16 000/50 000$.
My new balance is 58$, I have 6 trades finishing 23th dec, but only one will be good.
Conclusion: If you want to loose your money, trade with a true scam.
Binary1.png Binary1.png

I have read the post for the scam, I am sure that BigOption is a scam.They said that they are in UK where I have to send the complain, I have the list of Cyber Criminals but where to send it: Internet Police, Serious Fraud Office, Specialist Crime OCU Fraud Squad, Trading Standards Administration, Victim Support....

Thank to help me

Daniel Germain
Unfortunately there are no borders for scammers, (no exceptions for Canada) once you get hold
of your country’s regulator you certainly will discover you are not the only victim, follow their
recommendations (let us know your local authority’s recommendations, handling these frauds)
What are the phone nb. they or you had been using, as well check your Credit Card recipes, best
Inform you bank and cancel your credit card.