CDH Forex – The CFTC Ends a Scam

Now the fun begins. The CFTC, IRS, etc get to try to find out where all the money is hidden.

The good news is that CD and L Harris won't be able to easily get away with any new forex scams for any length of time. We can also hope that a prison sentence is still in the works for them.
Sure the CFTC did something right with this guy, but what about PFG? All of my money was stolen by PFG with the NFA watching the entire time! So much for all of the safe guards and Big Brother watching! Simple fact is the Government failed on this one!!! Next?
The only thing worse than the CFTC and NFA watching is the CFTC and NFA not watching. Without those 2 organizations, CFH and PFG would both still be collecting deposits.