Charlie Goldman ? SPAM promoting "the legend" Charlie Goldman from brokersoption?


Multi and Spammer for BrokersOption
Charlie Goldman ? the legend Charlie Goldman ?
Charlie you are the best man don't listing to no one here , I will tell you something guys , I have trading experience of 25 years , shares bonds forex CFD and more , this guy Charlie Goldman is the best traders I ever saw ! in my life , he have amazing results , I open account with him of 35k , we reach to 50k , I added 50k more and from then all its history , I was able to withdraw money when ever I wish to , and Charlie Goldman is a smart and intelligent guy that the only bad thing he can do for you is making you 5% payout and not 20% lol .... guys highly recommend : Charlie Goldman from


Good Afternoon, my name is John Lockyer (in Sydney Australia) and unfortunately I have been experiencing contact difficulty with Charlie Goldman of Brokers Option just after I met all the criteria according to Charlie for a withdrawal of approx us$48,000 from my excellent trading results over the past 6 months. Everything seemed to be travelling well until I reached the required trading level and then Charlie was not able to be contacted and then out of the blue Charlie called me via Skype Mobile to say that he was going through a messy divorce in Spain and that he was out of contact but will get back to me with the required paperwork. In the meantime the access trading platform for Brokers Option now doesn't accept my log-in and I cannot get through to any of the contacts that I've been through over the past 6 months (such as Charlie Goldman, Molly Pope, Gloria Patrovsky, Alan Vice and Richard Stevenson. I am currently at my 'wits end' trying to not believe that I have been 'stung' by frauds but as the days continue I am gradually believing that Brokers Options and Charlie Goldman maybe a possible scam. Can anyone possibly enlighten me about the possible contact details for Charlie or one of the above listed people from Brokers Option. Would appreciate some honest feedback. Many thanks, John Lockyer (Sydney Australia) 17th January 2018


I was clearly scammed by Brokersoption.

Mr Charlie Goldman (Chaim) from brokersoption, has been operating from Multiple Websites/ telephone numbers (Netherlands/ United States/ United Kingdom/ Switzerland ect).

Mr Charlie Goldman (Chaim) had clearly created fake entry points, to ensure that I had always won the trades when it had suited him. When he had realised that I had discovered that this was a SCAM, he had also created fake entry points to ensure that I must lose all my trades (Total lost = EUR62,395). It is clear to me that Brokersoption had no intention of paying me the money that was stolen.

My account currently has EUR18,328.00. After numerous requests to withdraw this amount, I have been ignored and the brokers had stopped answering me.


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Update: Some people didn't bother to read what I wrote. Since I posted this yesterday, 10 new complaint posts were made in this thread. I've deleted those posts.