China Central Bank Sold $22.3B of Fx in March


I hope this is ok to post here-if it needs to be in a different forum, please let me know!! I just came across it in an email & it stunned me!! I wonder how much the ECB sells or buys to move the EUR? :(

China central bank sold $22.3B of forex in March

By MarketWatch
Published: Apr 15, 2016 1:25 a.m. ET

BEIJING--China's central bank sold 144.8 billion yuan ($22.3 billion) of foreign exchange in March, according to a calculation by The Wall Street Journal based on central bank data released Friday.

The March figure came after a net sale of 227.9 billion yuan of foreign currencies in February, indicating a slowdown in capital flowing out of the world's second-largest economy.

Data issued earlier showed China's foreign-exchange reserves rose to $3.213 trillion in March, up by $10.26 billion from the end of February, aided by the yuan's recovery in recent weeks.

The foreign-exchange net sales figure is seen as a rough guide to changes in domestic liquidity conditions, but doesn't indicate how much of the net inflows the People's Bank of China has sterilized through the issuance of central-bank bills or other measures.

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