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Problem Cobratate.com Forex signal provider is a scam. Formidable Forex Powerhouse.

I am having an issue with a company
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glad i found this forum , im also a victim of this forex signals rubbish ,i noticed there was a video on youtube about month and a half ago exposing tate's trading scam and now its removed i wonder did the tates have it removed on purpose maybe threatening legal action,so pissed of how i fell for this at the time there was no info i could find about it being a scam, no forums or reddit reviews complaining about it

This video was taken down by the Tates. I had a link to it and went back to view it one day to find it removed. The reason Youtube noted was due to a copyright claim. The video does still exist on Twitter for now:

I noticed in a recent stream Andrew is becoming increasing desperate. Skimming through the thing all I could see was constant promo videos being replayed for his scam programs. During the rest of the stream he sat there literally getting frustrated of having to explain how he's so successful meanwhile basically begging for people to buy his garbage..

Totally legit successful guy.

Jokes.. He's just a scamming grub.


@dbc727 nice find,I thought it was lost ,I knew it on youtube before it was taken down by Cobra Tate to hide his scamming ways ,I laugh so hard every time I see that video at how stupid I am that this fraudster ruined my life :)))

There's a comment in that video's thread mentioning whom Cobra Tate hangs out with by his own sayings: "street" girls, mafia bosses(aka organized crime leaders), scam artists and fraudsters, nice crowd :)))))

At minute 7:48 he starts mentioning those whom he hangs out with and at 7:58 he mentions that he hangs around with scam artists and fraudsters.

I mean how can anyone believe a convicted drug dealer, getting kicks in the head in kickboxing for pennies to a point where he doesn't have much brains left, having so many expensive addictions like alcohol, prostitutes, casino betting, super cars..etc and he admits hanging with scam artists and fraudsters and that he scams men online with webcam female scammers. If you can file a lawsuit against this guy, I think it's a sure win, save all the videos as evidence.



In my letter to my bank I wrote a whole lot more, could be bad or it could be worse but I thought I should show what kind of owner the cobratate.com store has, a convicted drug dealer who's now defrauding whomever he can by whatever means necessary.

I still don't understand how he still has a bank account....someone like Cobra Tate should be in jail.

Yes it was a video exposing cobratate.com cryptotrading signal's scam, warroomtradingacademy,which he closed last year due to many complaints of fraud and now repacked the fraud as FOREX trading.....same fraud signals. Cobratate.com managed to take down that video probably because it contained images from their channel so youtube took it down even though it was exposing a scam, coward move.

If whomever uploaded that video still has it, I ask them to send it to me and I'll post it myself back up on youtube, it was tragic-funny as hell, tragic for us but funny at the same time, a good reminder of how stupid we are.

You won't find in his courses how he REALLY made his money,watch this video to see how Cobra Tate ,the fraud, made his money by his own account: drug dealing, scamming men through his webcam girls and now scamming us with his fraud forex signals....

He taught his webcam girls to scam men into giving them money for meetups that never happened, for lying about sick family members, marrying the guy ,etc lots of lies like these.

Are you sure you want to go down that road? Look what it did to Andrew Tate....he's so far down that hole that he now can't exit that situation so he just keeps scamming and defrauding whomever he can for as much money as he can until there's enough evidence against him to get a conviction ,at which point he'll just disappear.

I just hope we get our money back before he disappears.
Just because you wrote more doesn’t make it relevant. You can’t make accusations, they’re just here say and slander / libel. You need to stick to the narrow remit of what you can prove / realistically dispute.


I don't think that scamming with bogus web courses is their main source of income. Somebody would have killed them all by now, if they would have managed to scam that many people in order to get that rich.
This is just a cover-up. For sure they are doing money laundering and the few scammed people are just helping them to maintain the appearance of a legitimate business.
I went through his twitter account one day and noticed he follows many UK based carder / money mule accounts.

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On page 12 of this thread, we banned someone for offering illegal copies of courses from Cobratate. Now the OP of this thread also decided to offer illegal copies of courses.

It doesn't matter whether or not this company is a scam. What does matter is that the FPA does not permit criminal actions by members. FPA member Cobratatescam is now banned.

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