FERNANDO MARTINEZ GOMEZ TEJEDOR is the biggest scammer in Spain
He spends most of his days on internet, with more than 50 fake identities, in order
to create himself a good reputation. To do so, he creates fake posts and articles on
forums and wordpress and free blogs, talking about his skills as a trader, his noble
family origins, his wealth and fortune, or in order to try to defame honest people
who are suing him for his crimes. As modest as he can be, he describes himself as
"the best trader in the world", states he has made his fortune on the forex market,
but never has he shared any proof and evidence of his activities. He also claims he
is teaching trading but nobody ever saw any of his trades or even proof that he
trades himself. He is a big arrogant, megalomaniac and compulsive liar, and be
aware, as he actually is nothing but an international swindler who has been acting
for several years now via different sorts of schemes and internet websites and
FERNANDO MARTINEZ GOMEZ TEJEDOR created a company named : "Soy
rico, guapo, inteligente y feliz. Tu me envidias y yo no tengo porque soportarte S.L",
which litterally translates : "I am rich, handsome, smart and happy, you are jealous
of me and I won't help you, SL", which gives you an idea of the type of person we
are talking about.
Some other of his companies are :
"Best trader in the world SL"
"Universal Global Trading Platform SL"
"Percentage Allocation Management Module SL" (his best current scam has to do
with PAMM accounts)
"F Society MR Robot SL"
"Fernando Martinez Gomez Tejedor SL"
Of course, none of his companies have authorisation to manage funds, and they
are not regulated by the FCA or any official regulations. Officially, he is claiming to
make business in gold, silver and pieces of art, but in reality, he is using different
websites to attract people into investing money to make money on forex or
cryptocurrency markets.
The official market regulation office in Spain (CNMV) produced several warnings
against FERNANDO MARTINEZ GOMEZ TEJEDOR's fraudulent activities.
In reality, FERNANDO MARTINEZ GOMEZ TEJEDOR knows very well the
investor's psychology and this has given him and some of his friends the idea to
use it against people. They have been working together with his spanish, and south
America's contacts and created an impressive list of scams, false websites and
contents and internationally managed to steal money, which might have created his
"fortune". For now, he has been able to escape the justice trials and sentences, but
like all scams, this is only temporary, because he did recently a great mistake.

Here are some exemples that we could find, of fake websites and scams :

and others like :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc...

All these broker's website obviously don't have any license, whether it is with
markets regulations entities or Metaquote Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5. They are
only fake brokers.

His technic consists in creating fake websites to attract people, such as :
where they propose PAMM accounts with 10 BTC minimum of investment, or even
10keuros or on some accounts even 100keuros, and the funds being blocked for
different periods of time until you'd be able to withdraw your money, claiming they
are using compounding effect with your funds and making more profit.

They then manipulate the displayed results, making you believe they are making
great results and they work really hard making you believe they are real results,
posting them on third parties website like Fxstats or myFXbook websites. They
even simulate withdrawals and deposits to make you believe it will be possible to
get you money back with huge profits.

With the help of his friends, they are recruiting dozens of investors, attracted by
such profits, and the funds are required to be sent to one of his companies (for
exemple "Universal Global Trading Platform SL").

Then, of course, when the "blocked" period is coming to an end, and first investors
require withdrawals, they fake a technical issue, or a virus, or they blame some
investors to have made a mistake, and they claim the account has been wiped out.

They even create fake Metatrader reports in order to show it. They then close
immediately your account, claiming it's negative. (a real broker would always
request a reimbursement and would never let an account go negative anyway).
Exemple of someone who exposed the scam :

But even worst than that :
When some investors file complaints against him and try to get their investment
back, the scam team spend their time on defamation and are stealing photos and
information on social media, posting fake news and lying about them, saying the
investors are the scammers, sexual harassers, and all type of fake crimes in order
to intimidate them and scare them if they continue to try to bring justice to the scam.

So if someday you cross path with FERNANDO MARTINEZ GOMEZ TEJEDOR
you can be sure to be in front of the biggest swindler and fraud artist in Spain.


3 is one of the numerous scam of the FERNANDO MARTÍNEZ GÓMEZ TEJEDOR team scamer

They claim that they have spot price in crypto currency and 1 lot of BTC will give you 100$ for 1 pips profit
They have not any licence and regulation or MT4 or MT5 platform
they manipulate only demo accounts to looks like true real account

They propose you to enter in Pamm with 10 Bitcoin minimum but you will never see back your money they will blow your account in a minute with a fake virus they tell Antikapitalist imediatly after you will ask withdrawal

take care of this scam located in Spain and Peru


This is the lis of scam brokers and web sites owned by the famous megalomaniac and compulsive Spanish Scamer FERNANDO MARTÍNEZ GÓMEZ TEJEDOR

Go away !!!