DiNapoli book and indicators for MT3, MT4 and MT5

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Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA

Dear FPA forumers, please note with strict rules, concerning Joe Dinapoli Book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels" and his proprietary indicator's pack.

1. Note, that DiNapoli Indicator's pack includes MACD Predictor (MACDP), Oscillator Predictor (OscP), DiNapoli Preffered Stochastic, DiNapoli MACD(DEMA). These names are DiNapoli's trademarks and protected by Law.
It's strictly forbidden to place any links, file attachements or make some unapropriate action for advertisement, distribution of bootleg copies of these software and book "Trading with DiNapoli levels" .
No link exchange or any other way of distribution bootleg expamples are allowed on this forum.

2. Note that there is no approved and authorized DiNapoli Indicator's pack for MT3, MT4 and MT5 trading platforms - all these indicators are unleagal, because using registered trademarks and names of DiNapoli indicators is a breaking of copyright law.

3. Any MT3, 4, or 5 indicators may not work exactly like the original DiNapoli ones since NO such indicators have been verified an approved by DiNapoli.

Those who will not follow this notification and continue to spread among the forumers bootleg copies either book or software will be seriously punished.

FPA Administration
Not open for further replies.