Duellatorus review by Eric Alyea

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Eric Alyea

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Intensive Review
"Duellatorus review by Eric Alyea"


Intro 1st post
I was surprised when the Assistant Moderator sent me an email asking if I would take on a project. It was like in the movie “Top Gun”. I was being offered a “Dream Shot”. Would you like to review a Forex training program/method and have a mentor train you. They will come to your house and train you in person. You’ll have to write about your experiences in the process.
“YES Sir!”
That was in December. Here it Late January and time to do it.
I was told where I was supposed to post and had to look up where it was on the board:
“Education & Forums” section, third down, “Commerce Zone”.
It was actually my first time there. I was happy with Bootcamp and General Forums.
When I clicked on “Commerce Zone”, Second down I see:
“Intensive Reviews”
“These are long-term, detailed reviews of specific companies done by trusted FPA members”, Last Post (Never), Threads (0), Posts (0).
The Shepard’s prayer comes to mind, (Alan Shepard before his rocket launch):
“Please Lord don’t let me F*** up”

What I am reviewing is:
Duellatorus Capital Management
Duellatorus (abbreviated)
Joshua Hauck

To double check myself I asked the Assistant Moderator what should people need/want to know about “Mentor’s” and “Training Programs? His advise was:

1. Read Pharaoh's article about http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex...tting-scammed-when-buying-forex-products.html and also the one about

2. Do a general interrogation about his background. Google him and see if you can find any evidence of what he says.

When I Googled I found two sites: The top one is him the bottom one isn't. You never know what coincidences you find.
The Las Vegas Traders Workshop >> Live Forex Trading, Education, and Fun
Joshua Hauck - Investor Profile

3. Ask if you can see a live trading statement or even get the investor password to one of his live accounts.

Mr. Hauck volunteered more than a years worth of statements from “Oanda”. He is switching to a different broker with higher leverage (FXCM UK). For this training I have started a demo account with (FXCM UK) also.

4. Ask what his overal success with his methods is. Things like largest % profit in a month and maximum drawdown ever in a month. Ask about his maximum risk per trade. If you can get a look at a live statement, see if the numbers he says match the broker statement. He's teaching a method, not giving signals, but should still have some idea of how good it is in the long haul.

Right now he says he is averaging about 10%/mo and the rest will be covered as time progresses.
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I'm going to have to start charging the FPA's AsstModerator if he's going to keep sharing some of my proprietary interrogation techniques. At least it looks like he didn't tell you were I buy truth serum from.

So, did you manage to make this guy break under questioning yet? Need to borrow some thumbscrews?

I can't wait to see how this review project goes.

Eric Alyea

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Pivot Points?

Pivot points
I was given four websites to reference to understand pivot points. I am listing them in the order I would suggest they be looked at:
Pivot Points - Description of Pivot Points
How floor traders use this trading tool | TradingMarkets.com
What I got from them is this:
We want to understand price movement on based previous history (technical analysis). Using the time period of our choice e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc..
Let’s use daily as a time period example. Finding the High price of the day (H), the Low price of the day (L), the end of day Closing price "C" we can establish a reference equilibrium or Pivot point (P).
(H + L + C) / 3 = P
The sum of the High plus the Low plus the Closing, divided by 3, equals the Pivot Point.
Next we establish reference zones of movement from the "Pivot Point". "Resistance" being the up movement reference and "Support" being the down reference. An easy way to remember this is gravity resists you when jumping up, the ground supports your feet. Two zones in both directions is common, sometimes three. 1st Resistance and Support zones are calculated like this:
(P X 2) - L = R1
Double the Pivot Point (remember it for the next one) minus the Low of the day gives you the 1st Resistance level.
(P X 2) - H = S1
Double the Pivot Point minus the High of the day gives you the 1st Support level.
2nd Resistance and Support zones are calculated like this:
(R1 - S1) + P = R2
Take R1 minus S1 (remember it for the next one), add the Pivot Point to get R2
(R1 - S1) - P = S2
Take R1 minus S1, minus the Pivot Point to get S2
Listening to gossip and their gut instincts the "Big Buck" everyday traders use these numbers and play tug of war over the pivot point between the positive 1st Resistance level and the negative 1st Support level. Think of a football at the (pivot point) 1st and 10 (zone), but we aren’t limited to 10 and it goes in both directions. A funny thing happens when one of the zone lines is crossed. Everybody gets excited and jumps up and down. Then the people that were afraid to get on the band wagon feel safer about it and start jumping on because they see others doing it .
An Italian guy named "Fibonacci" figured out the math for the way this commonly happens. The ratio is 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13 and so on. Using this 1,3,5,8,13 jumping on the band wagon effect is predictable and it can go in both directions, i.e. jumping on and starting over with 1 for jumping off.
Back to what happens when a zone line is crossed. If the R1 Resistance line is crossed it becomes the new Support line and the R2 is the new Resistance line. Just the opposite if the S1 Support line is crossed it becomes the new Resistance and the S2 is the new Support.
So the Big Buck guys control a lot of the movement back and forth between the zone lines using math, gossip and gut instinct. When one of the zone lines is crossed other traders start jumping on the band wagon and or jumping back off.
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Duellatorus Representative
Hello Everyone- This is Joshua Hauck, I am the owner of Duellatorus and will be training Eric for this review. I have been building a website for the past couple months that should be up and running by next week; I will post it on here so that you all may take a look if you like. After talking with the moderator of the forums and Eric, I know that he is going to be very thorough and a straight shooter for this review and I couldn't ask for any more than that. It has taken me six years of hard work and perseverance to get to the point where I can make a living off the Forex market. I have been through training program after training program and educator after educator, often only to find out these trainers and mentors made their living off their education business and not their trading. Also, 99% of the time when I got into trouble in my trades they were nowhere to be found. Maybe it is too soon to be posting this as I want the review to do the talking, not me, but I trade what I teach and if my clients are in a trade, I am in that same trade and their every step of the way. I welcome all questions, especially the "hard" ones, and comments.

Update: Our website is complete and viewable here www.duellatorus.com
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Eric Alyea

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I hate the desk

I hate the desk

I would rather get shot, run out of bullets, (It’s not like the movies) and get in a knife fight, (yes the Rt little, 78 stitches, and Rt ring, only 34 stitches were sew back on) (ALL my Paws, that’s 4 {hands/feet/face} have been broken and repaired. I physically have all my body parts and I’m forced to sit at desk (what have I done against GOD for him to hate me so).
That being said, for people that are shot up and spit out, how do you make money now? Year.... country.... conflict.... who cares.... only the people in the chairs!
The desk is forced on you. You don’t have a choice. But you do, and Forex Exchange is mine. For what ever reason I still keep living I know I can teach others. This is what I am attempting to do here.
The times I have seen posted here (the FPA):

I’m new! Please teach me!
I want a Mentor..... Please Help!!!

This is it. They Gave Me One.
I’m going to do my best to write/report about it.
Once again... I hate writing and posting. It is an effort that takes me the DAY to do correctly.
I am just going to document my experience.

Eric Alyea

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The 1st financial requirement of this program is investing in:

Forex Tester 2
Forex Tester Software - Professional Forex Training. Teach yourself forex trading.
DRI*SWREG, INC. CARDQUERY.CO $112.50 (I got in on a pre-Christmas discount, normally $150. )
One computer per license.
I’ll have more comments about this after a webinar

Mr. Hauck started trading since 2004
He considers his methods a bit unorthodox and not quite the main stream of trader methods. The techniques he uses are simple and easy to learn. Most important is learning how to set up a proper foundation to enable a person to trade the market like a business, not like a mental and emotional roller coaster.
I asked what broker he preferred, FXCM UK because they have the highest leverage that U.S. citizens can get and with his methodology the higher leverage the better. So I opened a FXCM (UK) demo account.
Then also a second Broker, Onada who’s trading platform allows the 5 or 10 sec chart. also trade each morning the EURUSD either from 10am to 12am EST.
I’ve had some questions about using the: Forex Tester 2. I’ll be having a “webinar” the 10th or 11th. Personal training will be on the 18th to the 21st. I’ll have more for you then.
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Eric Alyea

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Sunday Dinner Test

Sunday Dinner Test

Got done with a “webinar” on setting up “Forex Tester 2" Monday from 18:00 to 19:00 CST. It went well and got to see how they (Josh and Corbin) work to make it “happen”. We had a little trouble with the audio, but determined and by passed that quickly by going duel internet/telephone audio. More on that later.

I am taking a break from cleaning house, (the 1st guests I have had since I moved in March, finished 3rd rehab in July, 2nd surgery in Nov.)
Josh and Corbin will be camping out (in house 24/7) from Wed. 17 till Monday 22. I have a new renter (musician), and an artist friend that have agreed to do a Sunday dinner and sit at the computer (both do not use computers or internet) and be fresh minds to an “Instructional Subject”.
I’ll do an initial report back by Wednesday.

Thu. 2-25-10 That dinner didn't work out. I took good note's though
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Eric Alyea

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Progressive seminar reporting #1

1st day we started with Intro discussions for what they call Zen Trading and practiced live trading on “Oanda” from 9-11 AM CST EURUSD. I made 44.14 pips for the session. We are breaking for lunch and I will write a report of the how’s and why of what we did by tonight.

Eric Alyea

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Zen Trading - stressless pips

Zen Trading - stressless pips

1st day is done Josh and Corbin off to their rooms for the night. I am frantically doing notes. They were very patient and sat quiet while I did hand notebook writing to make sure I got what they were saying. We laughed a lot and had a good time while learning and sharing. We joked a lot about how similar rifle shooting is to hitting the submit button to close a trade. It seems I had heavy fingers and the buttons got hit at times I didn’t intend. It was new to learn to put the curser in a non-submit (finger off the trigger and on safety) position till time to hit the submit button.
The first point of the day was learning what they (for lack of a better term) called “Zen Trading”. It seems I caught on pretty quick. The regular scheduled 2 hr. time got me 44.14 pips by 11:00 AM CST. While doing notes and writing I hit the submit button a few times. Well a LOT of times, but I would look up and say oops got my pips got to close that trade.
I was plinking around on the live trades every once in a while it is 22:23 right now I am up $265.89 on the demo account.:D (beginners luck)
If any body wants to see the history let me know. I still have 5 trades open but they will come in tomorrow.
They say I caught on fast.

I have A LOT of other notes to do.

You have to know when to quit.:err:
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