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Far beyond the edge of reason | Forex Insanity

Discussion in 'Forex Insanity' started by AsstModerator, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Far Beyond the Edge of Reason
    Forex Insanity

    Most FPA members are at least a little obsessed with something. Some with trading. Some with scam hunting. Some with other things.

    A little obsession is good. It can help you stay focused on a difficult task and take it to completion. If you're only a little obsessed, none of your threads are likely to end up here.

    This folder is for people who are much more than a little obsessed. It is for the most bizarre threads started by FPA members who appear to have given up on rational thought.

    Often times these threads devolve into arguments. Sometimes it's a little hard to tell who the crazy one is. My vote is for the person who made the first post in the thread, and I just started my own thread here. :D

    If you think I'm crazy, read some of the other threads that get moved into this folder.

    If you want to nominate a thread to be moved here, click on "Contact Us" and follow the steps to send a message. Make sure to include a link to the thread. If you see part of a thread going crazy, include the page number, post number, and who made the post. A little obsessive or silly doesn't qualify. It needs to be something much crazier than usual.
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