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Discuss FCT Robo trading (aka fct.trading & copy-trading.com)

General discussions of a financial company


I am seeking opinions on this company run by Martin Mayer and his sidekick Julius Frank. They seemed to be doing well with many followers on Ctrader , but recently have gone crazy, with open losses in or around the 40% mark. On their website (we have taken pictures) they say no more than -5% on a position, so no concern for their own rules. They have a review site "proven expert" where all customers who posted negative reviews had the posts removed.
They hav a Telegram group, in which the users/members were discussing the recent losses and lack of responsibility, and yes, you guessed it, the owner deleted all the negative posts (again we took pictures) and then has blocked all future posts.
They had a myfxbook to attract investors that they have now stopped from updating one presumes to hide the huge drawdown they are in.
Head of sales is Mr Julius Frank Oberaspach who last year was head of a company in Austria/Germany that also had huge losses that lost millions for its followers. Mr Mayer refuses to admit they work together but Mr Frank has an email address with the company.
I shall post this link to those in the telegram grp since they have been silenced there by Mr Mayer.
They are pure trash and some sneaky liars. I started following them beginning of May and they lost over 40% of my account in a month. They hide their real results. They kept adding big positions on S&P500 all May and June. Just look at the chart... Don't invest with these guys
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