Forex Automoney

Michael Birts

I started out with forex automoney. I started making some money, but at one point my money started to go down. That started to make me wonder what was going on. That was making me get really disgusted. I wrote to the forex automoney people about what was happening, that I was loosing money. They told me to just cancel my membership. They are suppose to be a big money company. What is with this company?
I may not be able to get my money back from the forexautomoney people because I do not have enough information, but if you can send someone to investigate forexautomoney people, that would be great. They should be put out of business, then other people won't get ripped off by them. It is really a horrible feeling being in that situation, especially if you are having a financial problem like I am having.
Hey Michael, sorry to hear about your troubles with Forex Automoney. You did not elaborate what exactly happened. I would suggest you make some more posts, 10 at least, and then your rank will change to 'Private.' You will then be able to file a scam resolution through the FPA website. First, I suggest you create a new thread on this page: Scam Alerts Folder - Forex Peace Army Forum.

I was scammed back in January and I lost a good 5 figures in money. This was despite me having traded for 5 years. Scams are so common place these days and many people get burned. Good luck; let me know if you need more help.

Maybe you could let us know which forexautomoney you are dealing with. There's and a forexautomoney product from forex-soft.netfirms.