Forex Rating System - Feature Request

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I would like to request a feature in the rating system

I see that there is an icon for MT4 now which is good for most, but I don't use that.

However, I would really, really love to see an account type search/filter perhaps with FPA members ability to add the account types and sizes editable by the users perhaps ?

This way people can search by account type and review based on what they can or cannot trade.

Sort of like filtering your ebay search of options etc. ?

For Example:

search/filter (check all that apply or perhaps a box to fill in the deposit ammounts:
Just one filter at a time not all three

check box = standard (fill box with min. deposit amount)
check box = mini (fill box with min. deposit amount)
check box = micro (fill box with min. deposit amount)

Along with this filter would be great, great, great.

check box = Software download + checkbox options(Windows/Mac/Linux
check box = Web Based = checkbox options (Windows/Mac/Linux/All)+ checkbox options= (needs vmware of some type) or (no vmware needed)

So in your search filter for example you could select
1. [x] mini [type amount($500)]
2. [x] Linux + [x] no vmware needed

Search filters the list and BOOM you see:

All the reviews of mini accounts that have a min. balance of $500 and work on linux.

I'm sure many members would be happy to research all this and input the data, if there was a way to post it so people can search as such data.

I would love, love, love to see this and members could also update the info as they receive this information too just like the reviews.

Anyhow, this is something people really need and want especially when new forex traders are trying to research all this from the zillions of forex markets out there.