Forex VPS hosting becomes very popular. Why?

Froso@FXNET Representative
Virtual private hosting (VPS), is a virtual machine which runs its own operating system, works 24/7, can be rebooted at one's command (rarely needed) and used exclusively by the individual customer who opts to take the service. This virtual computer, is configured to make use of any software installed on your personal computer or laptop, such as your MT4 Platform, which is in essence the same as that of having a separate computer dedicated to run specific applications.

Forex traders face some great challenges with power losses, computer crashes, etc, especially while in the middle of a time-sensitive trade. Imagine having an open position, no stop-loss or take-profit actions are in place and your computer crashes or freezes while the market is moving and you need to act FAST. Believe it or not, this is not an unusual occurrence and that's when a VPS can show its worth!

A forex VPS hosting environment can offer anyone who trades heavily on the forex market, a "peace of mind", since this powerful machine (most probably a lot more powerful than your PC), runs 24/7, is always on-line (does not depend on internet connection) and is never affected by power outages.

Forex VPS hosting is mostly suitable for heavy forex traders making use of expert advisors (EAs). Expert advisors are automated systems which use specific strategies and require your computer to run 24/7 for optimal results. That is why EA vendors always recommend that you run their applications on a dedicated server.

Advantages of Forex VPS hosting:

  • Forex VPS hosting is fast, reliable and more powerful than your personal computer. A forex virtual machine host does not depend on your internet connection, machine crashes, corruptions, hibernations etc.
  • A forex VPS hosting environments allows you to simultaneously run multiple trading platforms at the same time.
  • Forex VPS hosting is designed to efficiently perform forex related tasks.
  • Forex VPS hosting allows you to access your server at any time and from any location.


Thanks for the info.
What is missing (IMO) are

- How much does it costs (on average) ?
-How much is safe in comparison to your PC ?
- How hard it's the setup ?

Thanks !!