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Discuss GreenVaultFx.com

General discussions of a financial company
Just FYI, it is interesting that they disabled my account after all these communication. Really bad!!!
Scammmer greenvaulfx

They are brokerage hypocritical, does not recognize the full benefit of traders and public lies
WDYT Campaign

Dear All,

We ran the WDYT Campaign with one thing in mind.To help the resource less and genuine traders and wanna be traders to have hands on live trading experience in the live trading environment. We are processing the requests on a first come first serve basis only.those who scream on the forums should understand one thing primarily.Every trades are been checked by the risk and compliance department.Some accounts have been disabled due to fraudulent activities and trades.The accounts which ha passed the QC are being processed on a first come first serve basis only.We cannot make payments for some people surpassing others who are patiently waiting in the q. Please wait for your turn.


Greenvault FX

I did not receive any single cent from GreenVaultFX for my $861 profit, the account number is 235998, and the screenshots of the profit can be found at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78989521/GreenVaultFX-ScreenShot.png. In summary:
- I first do withdrawal via using Wire on May 27/May 28 (depends on timezone). And on June 12, I was required to change to MoneyBookers, and after that, the give no response about the withdrawal.
- I contacted live chat several times, but all the times, they kept promising about timeframe, and they never keep their words.
- I also attach all their chatscripts in this message for your information (I replaced my real name by MY NAME, and any email address is replaced by MY_EMAIL):

1. at 27 May, 6:39 PM:

2. at 14 Jun, 4:52 PM

3. at 17 Jun, 12:49 PM

4. at 18 Jun, 4:12 PM

5. at 21 Jun, 10:22 AM

6. at 6 Jul, 12:42 AM

7. at 9 Jul, 10:38 AM

8. at 12 Jul, 11:19 AM

So, in conclusion, I saw that they did not make any payment, just keep promising. I also wait more than 1 week after the last communication to post all these chat scripts to the forum. Just to let you know that please do not waste your time on their promotion.

I find your approach very disappointing. You are not the only company in the world who deals with withdrawals, and you are committed for min days to process your withdrawals. Even if you have a massive amount of withdrawals (considering your very poor service I can believe that) you have to hire more people to process these withdrawals.
You are one of these companies who like to pretend to be the victim who protects itself from the mighty scam traders, but you're not a victim. The only victims are your customers who trusted you and they "scream" now because you are providing a very bad support.

Remember there are plenty other companies, you are not regulated and you are loosing many potential customers with this arrogant approach and poor performance.

Your words do not make sense, and it shows that you are trying to delay the payment (if you really pay) due to the finance capability. I do not want to argue about why you still do not pay me (and others), and just disable my account after a very long time, and after many promised words (in fact after I start complaining on public community). As Pharaoh told, you still do not care about how the public community think and talk about your company.

You may also think that as we are trading promotional accounts, we are not really your customers. If it is the case, just wait until end of this week (as I know, this week is the deadline that you promised to pay), you will see that there are many websites, blogs, and communities telling about how your company treat us. So let's think about how potential customers might think when after searching with search engines (such as Google), bad reviews are always on the top searched result...
Very natural and as expected cheating from this broker!
Dont you guys know that free $ cant be true! We always suggests not to open A/c with such brokers (that offers bonuses or etc...)