1. Tungtran

    Broker is SCAM

    Broker is SCAM, i has withdraw my money about 03/02/2015, Grenvault dont pay to my money, Suport hold me a day, a week, so, i dont see my money on my Bank.
  2. F

    GreenvaultFX - not processing withdrawals anymore

    SERIOUS WARNING REGARDING THIS COMPANY If you try to trade with GreenVaultFX , they will scam you in the worst possible way - you wont get back your deposit. They wont pay even IB commissions. They had serious problems with withdrawals in the past and I think it is the reason why most...
  3. T

    Resolved - Greenvaultfx problem withdraw.

    Hello, I request a withdraw by Skrill 03/7/2014. And since i still haven't received my money.
  4. vaporpaul

    Online Forex SPAM Offer Launched Integerfx

    Hello I would like to introduce you to a Forex Broker I have been using for over 2 years now which is very strange, since the domain name was first registered on 2013-10-03. They are called managed by Eglobal Forex Company in egypt, dubai, abu dhabi and several other...
  5. Muhammad ayub

    GreenVaultfx Is Scam

    Hi My Name Is Muhammad Ayub. I have open an account with This is a WDYT promoton account. This company was regulated with FMRRC Rusia. I have made my trade with this company. I have made $200 profit. after the completion of promotion period i have send a withdrawal request on...
  6. E

    greenvault fx

    should anyone may give any visual proof for payment,,,,,!!!!! so that we can order and fix it like a scammer broker, me too i have no paid from him , my question how was caused to all this people and how much,,, we must take action ,,,,
  7. M

    GREENVAULT does not pay

    My name is Manda, from Romania. I opened the account 123457365, under the terms of the promotion of FREE $ 200 on March 26, 2013 (WDYT). No need to deposit any money, they have to pay your profit after 2 months of trading ! In two months I made ​​a profit of 447 USD. On 27 may, 2013 I submitted...
  8. N

    GREENVAULT don’t pay

    :mad: GREENVAULT is a SCAM ! They don't pay !!! :mad: I opened the account 123457198, under the terms of the promotion of $ 200 on March 25, 2013. In two months I made ​​a profit of 130 USD. On June 5, 2013 I submitted a withdrawal request, which was not honored even today. I carried numerous...
  9. M don't pay

    I request withdrawal of $ 28 from the 4th of jun , 2013 until now not recieving any payment acc:123458402
  10. Greenvaultfx

    Don’t be disheartened ! Greenvaltfx is here to SPAM YOU !

    This SEO spam for Greenvaultfx was originally posted in one of the FPA's education folders. This spammer doesn't care that the FPA gives companies many places where they may post freely. If this is how Greenvaultfx feels about forums rules, can you trust them to honor contract rules? The...
  11. A


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  12. Ira Joseph

    Hi, I'm spamming for

    Hello, I recently stumbled upon these guys and I took a $1000 account with them. Seems alright and fair business guys. Tight spreads and Instant executions and bonuses. Worth trying : Greenvault Fx| Forex Trading| Mt4|Metatrader|Online Trading|Currency Trading|CFD I stumbled so hard...