GreenVaultfx Is Scam

Muhammad ayub

Banned Spammer for PaxForex
Hi My Name Is Muhammad Ayub. I have open an account with
This is a WDYT promoton account. This company was regulated with FMRRC Rusia. I have made my trade with this company. I have made $200 profit. after the completion of promotion period i have send a withdrawal request on 07-06-2013. I have chatted with company represantative many time. but every time when i chatt with them they told me that my request will be processed by next week.

I have contineusly chatted with them. on day they told me that they have transfer my profit to my bank account. after 10 days i contact them and told them that there is no amount transfer in my bank account they told that amount has been transfer from their side.
They advice me to contact to my bank then i contact to my bank but my bank told that there is no amount transfer to my account.
Then i chatt with them contineusly on day they told me that my bank detail are not acurate then i gave them my Perfect money account number they told me that there is problem with their perfect money gateway they will transfer the amount by next week. i agree with them. But when i contact them they told me that they will trasfer the amount to my bank acount the i gave them my bank account detail again.

i have wait for them more then 3 month's but they take my profit and went away.
i have whole history of chatt with them. screen shot of trading terminal, daily confermation emails.

when i contact to FMRRC they told me that they have many complaint against GreenVaultfx. and FMRRC is going to take there certification back.
you can check this link. News
FMRRC send my this Email.
Dear Muhammad Ayub,
We would like to inform you that due to the actions that contravene the Statute and the Center’s
Rules and Regulations as well as those that inflict damage to FMRRC, the FMRRC Committee for
Standardization and Certification decided to revoke the Certificate of compliance from the Greenvaultfx
brokerage company.
27.08.2013 Greenvaultfx was divested of the FMRRC Certificate due to poor provision of brokerage
services and improper performance of its obligations.
The decision was made by the highest managerial body of the regulating organization – the FMRRC Board.

Your claim was considered by the specialists of the Arbitration Committee FMRRC.
FMRRC guarantees to the traders disbursement of the funds placed on deposits, on condition of
confirmation of the money transfer to the account of the company.
For claims relating to the withdrawal of bonus money, lost profits and non-pecuniary (non-material) damages,
FMRRC is not financially responsible. It does not guarantee any reimbursements or payouts.

Thank you for contacting our Center!
С уважением,
Виктор Головко,
Специалист арбитражного комитета,
Центр регулирования отношений на финансовых рынках

so i request to FPA to declare Greenvaultfx as a scam broker so that other traders did not loss their money.


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how did you deposit anyway?
If by credit card, on top, I suggest you will ask for a charge back through your bank