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Another banned spammer for
This SEO spam for Greenvaultfx was originally posted in one of the FPA's education folders. This spammer doesn't care that the FPA gives companies many places where they may post freely.

If this is how Greenvaultfx feels about forums rules, can you trust them to honor contract rules?

The advanced technical tool platforms will give the accurate information in the currency, international regulations and sound advice for your business

Registered with the new Zealand office and they are regulated by FMRRC.

Greenvaultfx is the solutions provider of Forex at various levels starting form beginners intermediaries. These plans have received wide recognition.

24 hours support with our efficient staff makes it easy for the traders to get leads and come out successfully.

Transparency in every operation, and there are no hidden costs.

Multiple account operation with a single click. The traders can trade through desktop and a wide range of mobile devices.

To do the prompt payment for Forex trade through these platforms. We follow the security guidelines and we are proud to add that we have not been involved in any money scam.

Too bad that Greenvaultfx keeps getting involved in spam. This is the second Greenvaultfx forums account that SpamCat has eaten.

SpamCat says you shouldn't trust your money to spammers.