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Discuss GreenVaultFx.com

General discussions of a financial company
hello every one
after a while greenvaultfx has gotten back with GVLOBAL fake company and I spoke with them and they told me we will pay you sure but still after two weeks nothing happened.the new company has fsp regulations and when I said I will complain to fsp they bashed and beg me go not to complain to fsp. so I decided to complain to fsp after two weeks of not paying.
hello every one
greenvaultfx has gotten back with a fake name called GVGlobal and with FSP registration and two weeks ago they promised me to pay my money but still after two weeks it din't paid so I think they are the same greenvaultfx and when I told them two days ago that I'll complain you at fsp they frightened and told me not to tell them we will pay you soon but still they befool me . so I suggest every one else to complain to FSP at this address

Search Summary Company FSP

Thank you every one

Don't believe these mother ****er. they take my $200 . Don't invest a single penny with them they are operating there website from INDIA. They did not pay you any single Penny.

I encourage all of you who were scammed by Greenvault to join my thread about them that I created recently. Tell us your story and we all together can beat them and mark them as scammers for once...