I joined GT Traders in Feb of this year after looking at their online advertisement on Facebook, it looks rather impressive and I was greeted by Stewart James the owner himself
I told him that I would like a steady income after being scammed by another co and he told me he had very good clients ( the usual stuff)
I was introduced to trading and he said he would take 20% and that is it.
I dutifully placed $500 on the account as the min was $250. Along the way I increased by $200 to $700 it was placed under an unauthorised binary Option co called
After 1 month I decided to withdraw my profits in march and the profits came upbto be $10,000 exactly and that is where Stewart asked me to pay a government tax of $840 which I dutifully paid
After that he said that I needed to pay $1,400 for withdrawal and I asked him why he just said it's co policy to activate withdrawal but this sum will be paid back with my withdrawal.
I waited for the withdrawal after I week and it didn't come so I contacted him and after delay until 1 month later he said that the money will be withdrawn to be given to a US account holder. I didn't have local friends so I asked whether UK account is possible he said can So I contacted my Sister and gave him the address but it was rejected so I decided that it given to another trader instead. He said 2 checks will be given the 1st check of $2,400 will be for his commission, mail it back the $2,400 and my profits of $9,000 will be send to me. After waiting for another week in early April, no checks came and that where he said," pay $600 and I swear by my late father's grave your $9,000 will be send back to you by neteller." I asked why but he wouldn't say but just say pay up and you get your money . It's like a ransome to hold back or just want to scam me further $600.
Thus I countered and since u wanted the $600, then send me $8,400 will do but he flatly refused to and after some tussle, he blocked me from contacting him on his messenger.
I find he is unprofessional in dealing with me withholding my payment when had released him the entire Sum of the profits and still wanting to dig a further $600 from me.
His information is as per attached and I just want my rightful $9,000 back & even conceded another $600 to him if he send by neteller back to me.
As a retiree and the first time coming to this kind of autotrader environment I find the rules are just like a jungle - no rules no professionalism
Thank you


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If you deposited your money via credit card then contact the credit card customer care asap and ask them to file a chargeback. Another option is more legal in nature. WinThisCase refers victims to lawyers or contact Rebecca here WinChargeback, she will help you to get back your money.
GT Traders
I have Come to an amicable solution with GT Traders Mr James Stewart and so please remove or ignore the above comments I made earlier. As this is not removable by myself I hope the moderator can see that there is a solution to this outcome
Thank you for your kind assistance in this matter
I need to delete this post right now before it gets me into trouble.
This post is full of lies,the moderator should take down this post.
The Gt traders are good people and they keep to their words.
Hello Charles8328,

1. Can you please give details of how the issue was resolved? Was the demand to pay money before processing withdrawals dropped? Did the withdrawals all safely arrive in the bank?

2. Why would you waste time making up lies if there was a real issue to be resolved? Please explain exactly which claims you made in post #1 were true and which were lies.

3. If everything is happy between you and GT Traders, how would any incorrect statements lead to you getting into trouble?

4. You said you paid some taxes to GT Traders. Have they provided a receipt and other documents needed so you can show this to the tax authorities in your country?