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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have opened an account with and deposited $ 10,000 k (ten thousand dollars). Few month later my account become $ 80,000 as profits, unbelievable. Now i asked to withdraw $20,000, my account manager (Khalid Adawi) deducted this amount from my account but neither sent it to me nor returned back to my account, simply it lost. ,when i asked, they said you have to wait 3 months to withdraw according to their insurance policies, so i waited. I then tried to withdraw again , this time they say your account is minus due to a big bonus ($ 45,000) that they have placed in my account without my knowledge. My account now is frozen since i asked for withdraw and is loosing money dramatically according to charges they apply monthly to my account because it is frozen account witch is not my problem.

I hope you accept my case and help me restore my money. I have all screenshots that support my case and will attach with this issue.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by sammki on 05/26/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 04/26/15 the last contact was on 04/29/15

Details: They say that my account is minus $ 10,000
due to bonuses they have put in my account, and that I need to make some million dollars in order to be able to withdraw.

I wrote emails to the senior account manager Mr. George
and his reply was that i can withdraw only $ 2,800 which is what left in my account, but he never paid any thing back;

Now no reply to my emails and no answers to my phone calls: What should i do??

Company representatives' emails: George <>
Khalid Adawi <>
Ala Kareem <>



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A chargeback is done through your credit card's bank. Call them up and ask for the fraud department.
Thnks for your reply, but can you please explain a little about chargeback and what should i tell the bank to do in this case.
I'll handle this one.

If you pay for goods or services with a credit card and don't get these, it's sometimes possible to do a "charge back". This returns the money sent to your card.

Credit cards are generally issued by banks. For example, you might have a Visa Card from one bank and a MasterCard from another. On the back of the card and also on your monthly statement, there should be a phone number for problems. If the bank has a local branch, you can also go in person. Either way, ask to speak to the Fraud Department. Carefully explain that the services a broker offers include deposits, trading, and withdrawals. Ask if this withdrawal problem is enough to initiate a chargeback.

There are deadlines, so if you are going to do this, do it soon.
Thank you for full details. I talked to the bank and they sent me an objection (Chargeback) form to fill and email it back. No i am waiting for the bank reply, hopefully it is positive. thanks again for your help.
Have you already invited CTOption to your thread in Scam Alerts? If not, go ahead.
yes, i have sent them email with link to my thread in Scam Alerts, but now reply from them.