GUILTY Case# 2017-025 | Grzegorz vs

Based on the available evidence, do you believe that is Guilty?

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TopOption has been voted Guilty in 4 cases. It is now marked as a SCAM by the FPA.

TopOption is part of Leadtrade LTD. The FPA considers all companies under the same ownership to be scams.
I got a response from

"Dear Client,

Following your recent expression of dissatisfaction with regards to the services offered by Leadtrade Limited and your account activity, the Company has performed a thorough investigation and review of your account.

As a result the Company has taken the decision to reimburse profits generated from trades other than the trades performed by exploiting the three seconds cancellation facility which has been deemed abusive by the Company.

The amount to be refunded to you will be 15,841.64 PLN

Best Regards,"

My funds are 42,007.94 PLN. What kind of system did they calculate that amount? I didn't break the regulations. This option (3 seconds cancelled) is available so it was not inconsistent with the regulations. I still think they are SCAMMERS.