How To Calculate The Number Of Pips


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Hello all,

Please can someone tell me how to calculate no of pips from one candle to another.



In theory there are no pips between candles, as one candle ends a new one starts immediately.

The candle "contains or shows" the price variation over its timeframe.
For instance a 5minute candle shows the price over a period of 5 minutes, then a new 5 minute candle starts.

See the candle definition in the glossary.

But what if the price did move between candles? Then you just need to look at the closing level of the last candle (top of the body if it was empty or green and bottom of the body if it was solid black or red) and compare it with the opening level of the next candle. BUT in theory and mostly if not always, in practice, the two levels will be the same.

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