I am Biswajit Charan and I have a problem with Fxiresolutions.com

Biswajit Charan

I WOULD LIKE TO COMPLAIN AGINST FXRESOLUTION.COM.Some meera from there continioudly called me and prssurise me to buy ROBOT because I lost of money in earliar in forexi ndustry.I didn't know where she got my Mob.No.She told me she is like a doughter of me and she want to recover my money through ROBOT.I relai herself and invested $50 on 30.7.2015 and again $100 on 03.08.2015 becauseshesaidtoday is offer day $100:$400.After deposited she not resonding properly inspite of several mail.She said she will send STATEMENT every Friday.Afterrequestedhermore then 15-times mail she send 2 differents tatement which ac no. also diferent.In spite if assure me she didn't send me any login id & password for withdrawn money.She not responding properly and telling sometimes there server not working properly, I am busy now etc. etc.....I cant what I will do now.Please help me bu anybody who knows the solve.