I have been HAD. Me vs Bloombex Options


On Wednesday 27/4/16 I decided to try the copybuffett signals, so I signed up and was given Bloombex Options.

My first mistake
I only wanted to deposit £250 and see how it went as I have little or no experience and a helping hand in this early stage I thought may help.

Now there's nothing wrong with Copybuffett, however, A sale guy from Bloombex (who never speaks to new customers), talked me into depositing £1000, then he said one of there brokers would be in touch to go through the platform etc.

Someone did get in touch (Stewart Owens), but he wasn't interested in going through the platform with me, he wanted me to deposit £5000 and said that trades taken with him will be protected under the protected capital guarantee, in which any losing trades the investment will be refunded. I did ask him to put this on email but it wasn't official and the guy can't even spell!?

This guy was so confident that he said that after today (28.04.16), he would be returning £8000, so my bank would be in profit.

He then deposited £5000 into my account together with my £6000 and said I need to fill in paperwork. He said with regard to the bonus don't worry he can override the 27 times and that money will be paid back.

Well it has been over a week and I struggle to get a hold of him, he never calls when he says he would and whoever answers the phone either ignores you or puts it down!

Yesterday I got a hold of him and he said I can't take any money out but if we do these money will be returned and of course it is all still protected under the protected capital guarantee. We took trades and in total £6000 has been won and the rest of the investment was lost (but should be refunded under the protected capital guarantee).

He said we would speak yesterday we didn't, I called several times and left emails and today is the same. The problem is I desperately need to repay £5000 to the bank.

If I was reading this I would be giving a little laugh and saying "poor guy". I know I have been had, but nobody at Bloombex will speak too me or respond to emails, this is my last resort to to try salvage something.

Is there anything that can be done.

Hi, yes totally agree Bloombex lost VIP trades for me destroying account, failed to reinstate and then had cheek to reverse my chargeback because I verified account ... currently still in dispute with bank ... stay away from Bloompoo if you want to see your money again ... maybe try chargeback ...
I feel totally ashamed and embarrassed that I let myself be had like this. You live and you learn.

Do you think I should contact my bank and see if they can help.
Yes contact your bank. Please tell them what is going on with this company. How they are not answering calls or emails.
Start the reporting process. Do not let them get away with it.
Talk about once bitten twice never again!

I actually signed up to copy buffett signals, so the broker was chosen for me.

I never get talked into anything but I just succumb because I fell for "we refund all losing trades under protected capital guarantee". What a sucker I am.

I have been in touch with my bank, CAB and they told me to get in touch with Trading standards, the only problem is that I cannot find an address for them so far.

They are totally ignoring me, but today compliance actually emailed and said withdrawals take 7 days ( I had already put a request in). Once I replied tho, I heard nothing.

I will keep you posted.
My story is almost identical DeanJ,

I wanted to try out trading also, I was in a bad place personally and I really needed a win.

I deposited $300 and then recieved a call from Stewart Owens! He convinced me to deposit another $3K, then wouldn't trade until I deposited about her $10k USD and in one day he turned that into $20k USD.

I then couldn't get hold of Stewart and decided to quit while I was in front! And requested a withdrawal, amazingly then Stewart became available.

Then he told me about a "Special" contract that I was not eligible for because that was only for Vip clients! I needed to deposit another $10K USD to get the deal, it was 100% secured and I would have $30-40k back in 24 hours.

The trade lost and he said it was my fault and I Put instead of Call, which was completely wrong.

Writing this now it sounds like I am a complete idiot but then he told me that if I deposited another $50k he would deposit $70k. I told him that I had no money and that I couldn't afford to do anything. He then told me to sel my car! I had just lost my job and he told me again that the reward would be $50k by the end of that week!

This was March 30th 2016, over the next 48 hours my account won and lost over $200k and left me with $17k in it, I have tried and failed to contact Stewart or anyone at Bloombex for two months! This week he has popped up again saying his father had died!

But again he promised to deposit $5k for my trouble! But nothing, he will Skype me then I ask him a question and he will vanish again!

I have lost over $70k AUD and most of that is borrowed so imagine how stupid I feel right now!

I have three kids with special needs and school and hospital bills I can't pay!

I'm truely broken
Hey there

I am sorry to read your story and how you felt pushed into a corner and had no choice but to continue.

My advice would be to stop now, do not deposit any more funds, and write a letter/ email to compliance stating that you want to make a formal complaint.

If, however, you feel like continuing before Stewart deposits anymore funds, no doubt he will ask you to sign a bonus T&C form. Did Stewart tell you that trading with him meant you could withdraw immediately, if yes I suggest you put this on the bottom of the Bonus T&C form and cross out the clause which says you have to turnover the bonus 27 times. No doubt they will reject this, which at this point STOP TRADING because you've got them.

You will find in this thread that a solicitor has been in touch with me, who has previous experience of dealing with Bloombex and other brokers like Bloombex.

His details are Phoenix Advisors Ltd Marcin Iglicki
contact@phoenixadvisorsgroup.com. You can also call our office: [URL='https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tel:%2B44%2020%203289%207838']+44 20 3289 7838[/URL] / [URL='https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/tel:%2B44%2020%203289%209477']+44 20 3289 9477[/URL] - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. London time, U.K.

I think that part about his Father (although sad if true), is a blatant lie.

I am currently going through a chargeback with my bank and although I have some documentation, the bank have said that should they dispute the chargeback the funds will be returned to them.

The best way to move forward and get closure is to get legal advice and go to court.