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Joe Atkins is a scammer

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by DrMark, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. DrMark

    DrMark Recruit

    Sep 11, 2010
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    I have been trading the Forex for many years – much longer than Joe Atkins. I have developed many automated systems that trade Forex, so I am always curious about new ideas. I recently came across Joe Atkin’s advertisement and was interested in his gaming style techniques applied to trading. His techniques might work, but ultimately were not useful for my style of trading. After studying his system for a few days, I attempted to get a refund. That is when I found was that his system is a complete SCAM. Joe Atkins, working though Options University, promises to refund your purchase if you are not completely satisfied. But the scam is this… There is no procedure for getting a refund. Even worse, there is strong language on the web site explaining that if you dispute the purchase with your bank, your name will be placed on a black list and added to a bad customer web site. You will then be prevented from making purchases with other online vendors who use the bad customer site. He uses intimidation techniques to keep your money. BE ADVISED!!!!!! If you buy his system, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND !!!!!!
    Dr. Mark
  2. NickB

    NickB Forex4Noobs Rep.

    Aug 27, 2010
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    When a vendor threatens to put a customer on a blacklist it is more often than not an empty threat. No vendors I know of use blacklist sites before selling somebody a product. Especially since the vast majority of purchases are automatically accomplished via PayPal or other web payment services.

    I like it when people try to intimidate me because in doing so they show me what intimidates them. When people try to scare others they use what they themselves fear. This idiot is trying to scare you by saying he will report you to some blacklist site. That means that he is probably afraid of getting reported. So here is what you do:

    Step 1 - Email this moron and ask for a refund. Make sure your email is friendly and respectful. I am not sure what the site is but I am guessing it has a contact us page right?

    Step 2 - If you get no response send him another email. This time be stern and ask for a response confirming a refund within 3 days otherwise you will report him to the sites below.


    Step 3 - If you get no response within 3 days. Report his scam to the sites listed above. Then dispute the purchase with your bank.

    Step 4 - Email him again and give him links to the submitted reports. Then tell him that you're not going to be scared off by his idiotic idle blacklist threats. Tell him that if you find he has reported you to any blacklist site you will make it your goal in life to bring down his site. Tell him you will file multiple reports to every scam site you find. Tell him you will report him to the NFA, CFTC. And tell him you will open a thread in every forex forum letting people know he is a scammer.

    Step 5 - Sit back, buy yourself a beer and relax. Oh and next time do some research before buying a product:

: joe atkins

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