Maxigrid LTD has threatened to sue the FPA over a review

Almost 90% of brokers are scammers. Welldone FPA, we really appreciate your efforts by protecting forex traders from scammers and unethical brokers like Maxigrid LTD. The bloody spazashop broker was trying to defend itself over a small discontent baseless factor, I feel like they should have just let it slide like other brokers but they were trying to play smart. Now they have exposed themselves even more, sooner than later there will be more negative reviews about them...
Maxigrid now threatens its victims who asked for a refund with legal actions. Defamation. Law Office Michael Kipryanou, already known to provide services to similar sort of companies.

Take care of them, they dont use KYC AML procedure, probably they asist LINCOLNFX CAPITAL sacmmers
they accepted and for verification procedure.