TFB Limited threatens to sue the FPA over a member's posting about CaesarTrade


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FPA member eforbe started a thread about an issue with CaesarTrade, which he says is related to TFB Limited. The FPA has received a letter from a lawyer claiming to represent TFB Limited. The letter demands removal of the forums thread or else the FPA will face legal proceedings.

The claim is that the posts are inaccurate and defamatory. There is a further claim that the FPA should verify the contents of all posts before publishing it. To expect any forums or reviews site to perform detailed fact checks on every complaint posted is laughable. I wonder if this lawyer is ready to volunteer to come to the FPA, read, and verify all the facts each and every forums post and review submitted?

I'm not a lawyer, but as I understand things, as a USA based site, the FPA is not in any way liable for 3rd party postings.

I replied and warned the lawyer that I would follow FPA policy and publicize the threat if it was not permanently and irrevocably withdrawn. She did not reply.

Here is the legal threat. I've blacked out eforbe's family name.

Letter Re. TFB Limited-page-001.jpg
Letter Re. TFB Limited-page-002.jpg

I don't know how accurate the statements by eforbe are. I do know that the FPA considers legal threats to try to hide a post to be the equivalent of blackmail.

I believe eforbe will be in court over this issue soon. I look forward to seeing how the case turns out.

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