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Two days ago you had a new section folder of RESOLVED cases which I now can't seem to see.
In that folder, i read a review by a certain user Lostmoneyallofit.

I read that post several times, because it is an exact replica of my situation with OptionStarsGlobal.
The systematic luring up to the point where he was completely wiped out is a perfect carbon copy of my case.
Right to the arrogant demands of additional moneys in order for one to make "bigger trades", and so be able to withdraw their "profit"(sic!).

Mine account has been the managed type, and I have not done any trading on my own since I was lured in to this almost apparent scam. During this period, I am now on the third so called account manager.

Like Lostmoneyallofit, my biggest mistake was not to have read the Terms & Conditions in the very beginning. Having read them thereafter, I realized just what kind of hole I had dug for myself!
My other big mistake was not to have followed on my suspicion, having read some reviews on this site soon after I had got in to the trading. I challenged each of those manager on the experiences shared by your readers, hoping that I would be smoking them out. But of course you have guessed it :they systematically rubbished those reviews. I even sent this site's link to the third and now current "manager" in whose hands I rapidly went in to a literal bankrupt state. He refused to acknowledge.

There was an interesting twist with the first manager, who had given me a $10000 bonus after having pushed me to ramp up my deposit with $15000. After a week of so called 'low risk' trades, he actually got authorization to give back $1500, which was paid to my CC. However, within two weeks of that, he just vanished, with not even a parting explanatory email! That gesture may have been a carrot to lure me in to the higher deposit status which he wanted to go in to.
On reflection, I couldn't help wondering whether that action would have led to his being dumped(this after I saw something on the T&Cs associated with withdrawals where a client has been granted a bonus). The manager who replaced him, who contacted me out of the blues, would not come forth with the whereabouts of his predecessor, despite my repeated questioning about it.

But maybe my woes with this company are too many to put down here at this stage, and I could perhaps be boring those reading this.
In all, having been wiped out in a swift move by the current manager (YES! He literally cleaned my savings through the Debit Card, and ramped up my CC to an overdrawn status, something I have never done all the years that I have been holding it), I became very convinced that he was up to no good.
My repeated cautions of my not wanting to go in to a big bang approach fell on deaf ears.
At this stage I had gotten very anxious and angry at the same time, and at a stage where my so called 'deposit" was showing a handsome figure ( obviously on account of all the money that had been syphoned, and a few bogus trades) I demanded that he return all the money into both the accounts, and I couldn't care less about any profits that may have accrued.(With that move there would still have been a good enough amount left in the deposit).
Am sure by now you would have figured what step he took next. He of course went it to a different tact of insisting on the importance of going in to some more trading, with there being "great signals". Realizing that he had no intention to get me my money back, I went along with, as it now became apparent that I had no reach to it(even an attempt to transact a withdrawal on their system failed).
Who can guess what it is that he did next?

I tried everything from cajoling, to displaying outright anger, to no avail. More so because of being so aware that I am now in very serious trouble with my CC provider. I am living with the perpetual fear of when they will go at me legally.

If there is any one out there who can help me get my money back,I would forever be indebted to you.
I am in the worst of a state. i have messed important obligations, and at a high risk of losing goods, due to lack of funds for payment. My home is in a state of immeasurable tension. I can hardly sleep.


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Thank you for the links to resolved cases.
What would you suggest I do next?

Hi AsstModerator.
Is there something wrong with post of my account? Or is there something I am doing wrong?
I have sadly not seen any comments from you in regards to the above question.
Further, I have received an invite from another Administrator to vote on the Review Moderation or Kindergarten?
But the several times I have tried to do so, I keep getting 'an error has occurred' message. And yet I am logged on.
I am in a dilemma


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Give some more details about the dates and amounts of the credit card deposits to OptionStarsGlobal.

You should be able to vote in the thread I emailed out. If you are still getting an error, please take a screenshot and attach it.


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Give some more details about the dates and amounts of the credit card deposits to OptionStarsGlobal.

You should be able to vote in the thread I emailed out. If you are still getting an error, please take a screenshot and attach it.

The deposits were as follows:
21st Feb ------ $250
08th Mar ------ $10,000
10th Mar ------ $ 5,000
16th May ------ $ 6,000
16th May ------ $ 9,000

And this is only for the credit card ones.
One the 18th, he went ahead to wreck havoc with my debit card. I am even ashamed to provide you those amounts on the open thread.

On the vote thread, my vote was on D anyway.