Optionsxo is the worst!


After trading with Lance Jayes a broker at Optionsxo for six months, i was in not getting anywhere to making money that is needed to relocate and buy a house. Lance Jayes offered to trade for me if I deposited an extra 10,000USD and he would make about 3,000 USD a day and my account would be 100,000USD by January 2016. After a few weeks he had only lost trades and said he was no good at short term trading and put in a few long term trades. He then went on holiday and after trying to contact him John Lewis called to say he would rectify my account and there is no way anyone could make 3,000 a day. In a few minutes he lost the remaining 20,000USD (not real money because of all the bonuses, which Lance Jayes lied about) in my account he then asked for more money after refusing I was put on the Patrick Green who told me he was the CEO and he would trade Ferrari and Google to restore my account, trades reserved for his Million Dollar clients. Glen Nelson was put on the line to ensured me (verbally and in writing) that if I deposited a further 20,000USD a risk free trade would be put on in the following week and all profits and deposit would be returned to me. Patrick Green put the trade on for the 31/12/15, he knew my situation and how much I needed the money. After I complained and spoke with Glen Nelson again he apologised and wrote in an email that "Optionsxo would add 20,000USD into my trading account as a bonus and you the client 6,000USD. We will open 1 insured trade that expires on Monday 2nd of November. Then you shall withdraw all profits from the trade including the binus of 20k back into you Bank account and deposit of 6,000USD. The trade will take place under my supervision. The trade did not take place as said Patrick Green placed the trade on 2nd November closing the 3rd November the trade closed at 47,060. I wrote to the Financial Department multiple times to transfer the funds and confirm this had been done. I wrote to Patrick Green on Skype before he started work that day 3rd November 2015 to transfer the funds into my bank account. He then proceeded to lose all the money in my account on trades. I spoke with a Manager Ben Sterling who said he couldn't help me and to talk to my broker about it. Glen Nelson and Patrick Green have not responded to me calling the company on Skype or emails multiple times about getting my money back.
Whatever you do, don't put in one more cent. The only thing sure about an "insured" trade is that your money is sure to go to the broker and never return.

Leave a 1 star review and then get a Traders Court case opened.
Thank you, I have no more cents to give. I have made a 1 star review today and will open a Traders Court case asap.
Oh dear, yours is similar case as mine. I have filed a case against them. And all these are the names of the robbers who supports optionsxo to rip off people - John Louis and Patrick Green are also assigned to me after John William. Patrick Green is terrible person.

I have also reported to action fraud police. I advise you do so as well so that they get highlighted in the robbery list and someone must take strict action and put them in jail.

I am 100% sure that their system is controlled by them and that the money that you see as loosing is actually going to the company pot and then their real GAME/TRAP begins on the name of recovery/insured trades blah blah blah.

Please also visit:
Traders Court Case is opened. Action Fraud Police reported. Thank you for your help. Let me know of anything else I can do.
Most of the money was made by two bank deposits. There are three credit card transactions though (within banks time frame). I have looked into a charge back, do you have any tips on that?
Gather every scrap of evidence. If possible, visit a branch of the credit card's issuing bank directly. Make sure to speak to someone in the fraud department. Show how the whole scheme to lure in more and more deposits worked. Show how they didn't even bother to take that last trade and are sitting on the money.
After raising a dispute on my deposits with my bank, Patrick Green contacts me and says "you need to cancel the dispute you opened on your deposits or else you account will be frozen".
I replied to say you need to deposits the money into my account before I will cancel anything.
This is the first time he has contacted me since he did not transfer the 47k in question (2 weeks).