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I had an account with OsirisFX. They are white label of CFHForex in London.
Their main focus is managed accounts, but they also have Forex retail traders. In august I decided to close the account and get my funds back.
I am still waiting for the funds to be returned. I had a lot of email conversations with OsirisFX, where I was always promised that funds will be sent immediately or are on the way. After loosing patience and starting to threaten them I finally got the following email in october. So it seems there is something very wrong with them. Especially when considering the fact that on their webside they state :Osiris FX Ltd is a BVI-Registered Corporation offering the flexibility of an Offshore solution with the security of having funds held on deposit with a UK Onshore FSA Regulated Clearing House.
Further email conversation is enclosed. Its almost 3 months I am waiting, maybe already too long. Now I think its time to declare Osiris a scam.

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Dear F.

Good morning, and I apologise for not getting back to you before now.

The problem that we have, goes deeper than we thought. We have had some crazy traders (more like gamblers) who have traded so hard that they were exceeding their leverage/margin requirements and trades were being liquidated at the clearing house. The problem is that although these liquidated trades were showing on our omnibus account, they were not appearing on the MT4 front-end platform. It was impossible to update manually because these guys were trading many lots at a time, and very aggressively throughout the day. What this meant was although the trades had been closed for a small loss every time, the traders thought they were still open, and then of course they went to "close" these trades which created new trades in the back office and which were also liquidated immediately for another loss.

Let me give you an example. 24 lots opened long on EUR/USD, and liquidated at the back end for a total 10 pip loss, so $10 x 10 pips x 24 lots for a loss to the overall account of $2400. Then this was repeated when they "closed" the trade.

This was happening all day for 3 days running and we didn't have an idea of why the omnibus account was falling fast when all the platforms showed higher balances. Eventually we had to stop everything and the account was left with a huge hole that we now have to deal with.

Your request to withdraw was made before this happened, so we can get you done shortly without affecting the overall situation. Other account holders will receive a % of their funds for the moment while we await new investment capital which should be arriving soon.

I am sorry this is taking a very long time to resolve, but the situation caused us problems with every aspect of the business and is part of the reason why requests for funds could not be met at the time. If I had known about this lack of communication between liquidated trades and MT4 sooner, I could have prevented a big problem.

I will update you just as soon as possible and try to get your funds out to you as a matter of priority.

Best Regards



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So their "omnibus" account was showing different results than their platform?

Get your money ASAP. If there's even a hint of an additional delay, start contacting the authorities.
Today I received funds from Osiris. Anthony from Osiris put in a lot of effort to return them. Luckily that case can be closed now.

Hi WinFx,

I also have funds with Osiris, but so far I havent received any money. When did you get yours and what did Anthony tell you about the future of Osiris ? Seems as he puts alot of effort into this but nothing is really coming out so far ...

Bin übrigens auch a Wiener, ein Freund von mir hängt auch drin. Kontakt am besten über anthean@gmx.de

Thx for your help !

osiris fx

Osiris fx ltd. is working on a ponzi scam. They promise that clients funds are sent to the clearing house and are never in the company account. After contacting CFH Markets registerded with FSA , Osiris does not send any funds to them and in fact wait for new money to pay others . The BVI license is also a scam and notification has been sent out to local authorities in BVI FSC. The owner Anthony Manterfield does have a criminal record as we have just recently found out through private investagators.
Andre, those are very strong accusations. Can you share some of the proof? If any of this can be verified, people need to know as soon as possible.
Please help me anyway you can

Dear WinFX
Can you please help me to get my funds back i don't know what should i do in order to get my funds back 45,600 $ i have all the applications (bank deposite receipt - withdrawing receipt- closure receipt - opening the account receipt - all the emails from anthoney) can you please tell me what should i do because i can't focus in my studing, exams and i'm starting to hate my self i really want to live a normal life will you please help me any way you can. This is my Email: eng.alfarshoutyi@hotmail.com
i'll try to be online 24 hours inorder to replay to you .
Thank you