PT Pruton Mega Berjangka is a SCAM


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We are investors from Malaysia. We have been approached by Erick Li Chong Yaw (not sure this is his real name or not) to invest in PT Pruton Mega Berjangka (broker in Indonesia) under a scheme calls HYBRID SECURED FUND. It is a managed account by the professional traders only in CFDs. In the agreement, it was clearly mentioned:

1. Based on previous average results, a monthly return of 3-15% will be given
2. The duration of contract is 9 months, which is renewable upon expiry
3. During the contract, customer is not allow to withdraw all initial deposit and profits
4. Monthly pay-out will base on initial deposit amount
5. All accumulated profits can be withdrawn upon contract expires
6. Although past performance shows encouraging results, this contract does not serve as a “GUARANTEE PROFIT CONTRACT”
7. Minimum account opening is USD10K and no limit on maximum amount

Based on the MT4 showed from his mobile, the results are very convincing for his customers. I never know that, people can manipulate the trades in MT4. So we joined in 1/10/2015. Due to strict rules from Bank Negara, we were given an invoice stated to purchase SOFTWARE for easy deposit. We deposited through BANK TT.

Company Name: Pruton Mega Holding Limited
Bank Name: Standard Charted Bank
Bank Address: 6 Battery Road, Singapore 049909, Singapore
Account No: 1379010028

Total fund in for me is USD50K, whereby my friends were USD10K, USD30K and USD15K separately at their own name. At the beginning the trades still running smooth with profit for 5 months. On 2 Mar16, lost trades happened with hedging position. He called to ask for funding at USD5K to USD10K, whereby company will support by deposit the same amount in our accounts to safe the lost. Something fishy, so we decided not to fund in again, just let everything on traders hand.

The hedging trades dragged for another 3 months (till Jun16), in between there were winning traders too. So the balance equity looked healthy for us, but traders still yet to cut the hedging traders. He gave so many excuses to delay on the cut lose trades. I chased him for the 9 months contract maturity. Answer, waiting for boss. Ridiculous!

Early Jul16, he called to inform that the boss already decided middle Jul16 to cut lost trades and take profit, all members will proceed for withdrawal, this apply for all accounts including accounts that yet to reach the maturity. Reason been HQ would like to change rules, in order to keep the loyalty customers, they will pay up to 20% monthly rebate for renewal customers. New customers will enjoy less monthly rebate. But we need to deposit at least USD5K for new account renewal. This is unreasonable, why not just pull the fund from the old account instead top up again. After negotiating, some of us deposited USD3K to continue another new account. Others just want to get off this contract!!

After middle Jul16, nothing happened. I sent many emails to HQ customer support, no reply from them. On 9Aug16, they put in 3 lots SELL to Then STOPOUT at another 3 lots BUY All our accounts including the renewal accounts, all equity drained out with negative balance now. I sent mail to ask HQ for explanation and informed that we will not responsible to all the negative charges. Again no reply from HQ. I did send to all email address in both websites:

We are desperately need help from Forex Peace Army Team. I saw you guys helping a lot people solving the SCAM issues. We are very depressed here with the lost. Erick text me on 10 Aug16, that he is at Changmai now. Seem he don’t know that all our accounts get busted. I asked for explanation but he never reply and not pick up my call after that.

Please Forex Peace Army, we need your help to get back our money.
Thank you.


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Below are the trading position in MT4 as of today 13/8/2016.


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This is one of the account history trades. Already 10 months which passed the agreed contract of 9 months as promised in the agreement.

At the time of contract due (around 9 months), the equity balance was about usd90k. But they delayed and dragged the withdrawal with so many excuses, until then they purposely put a lost trade to wash out our money. Check the below trading history. Please how can we do to claim back our money. The PIC cannot be contacted. Even the HQ said nothing to it.

Our accounts just leave with no care.


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Below are the advices from Mr Tommisu,
appreciated ur info. We will start with that then get back to you here :)
Hope something good will turn out.

Tommisu replied:
Some things you can try out 1st. Report to your local police and Securities Commission Malaysia. Also some international entities:
FBI – Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3( ( choose “Other Investments”
International Organization Of Securities Commissions (
Where are their company so called located? Report to the police and financial authorities of that country too.

Collect all these reports (screenshot their acknowledgment pages or emails) and also case reference numbers if available, then approach your bank for help. Tell your bank about the scam and give them all details. Do you have the details of their banks? Or any money agent involved, such as Western Union? Complain to these too.


Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat


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You can also let Bank Negara know that they are asking for investment deposits under false labels. A complaint to the regulators of the destination bank also might help.