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PWR TRADE (Account Manager: Ramon Colins)

Initially opened a trading account with them in March 2017 with a minimum of $250. After a couple of month Ramon contacted me saying that I had not made any trades at all. Also the fact that with the minimal deposit, it would take me years to for a good return. He provided me with a trading plan, showing how he would be able to increase my portfolio with three months and I could withdraw a minimum of $11,000 each month thereon:

He persuaded me to deposit a further $4,000 and we began trading according to the above plan.

From 12th May 2017, we have been in daily contact over Skype and Ramon would be online for ½ hours with me and talk me through trades for that day. Each session, as soon as we made a minimum of 4% profit, we would stop and he would say “Let’s not ben greedy and stop for the day”. We continued trading for the next few months and in between he managed to extract further funds from me.

A total of $38,950 was blown out on short term and Binary trades on the 6th July 2017 within ½ hour. I was at a total shock and was suicidal.

Ramon told me not to worry and that he will sort things out for me. He then came back and introduced Matthew (Senior Trading Floor Manager), who said that he had all the power required to recover the funds. He reassured me not to be worried as he has helped a lot of people recover their losses within two weeks. He said that he will placing me on a VIP list immediately and also instruct all his team to fully support me in recovering my money. He said that he has now given full power to Ramon to access all the most profitable trades, recover the money and he would personally review it in a week time. He therefore, even then managed to extract a further $6,000 off me and said that he will double whatever I invest, in order to give me trading power.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. In the mean time, Ramon was not available for a few weeks due to the (so called) birth of his child.

Since then, I have been desperately trying to contact Ramon but I’ve had no response. Below are my Skype messages to him for your information:

“2nd June 2017

Dear Ramon, I felt I ought to drop you a brief line. My head has been spinning over and over like crazy. Please don't take this personally or the wrong way. You know that I have always given my complete trust on you. I want you to be absolutely honest with me as well and tell me that the route I have been embarking to better my financial situation is just nothing but only a dream.

My life's savings that I have invested will never be seen again. I just want to be sure about this because I do not want to destroy my wife and son's future. Well, I have already actually!

I don't want to put them in a dark. I want to be open and honest to them and tell them exactly what I have done to them.

I don't want to be a burden to them. If what I mentioned above is the fact, then I must be honest with them both and clear their path going forward. I feel that they will be in a much better situation without me shattering their lives. I want to disappear from this world and their lives and be forgotten for ever, as I am and will be of no use to them. I am not in a position to support them because I now do not have a penny to my name.

What type of a man am I? I am ashamed of myself, to have placed my families' lives at risk!!!
Prabha (I'm not sure what to do)  

10 July 2017

I am still hanging by a slim chance of hope Ramon. I am taking my son for a short walk and will be available for 12:00pm if you are available. If not, I will understand. Sincerely yours, Prabha

12 July 2017

Good Morning Ramon. I am so sorry to keep repeating the same thing over and over again and you must be angry at me (I am so sorry!). It has been an extremely painful days and hours for both Isabel and I. We've been going through all our financial commitments and do not know what we ought to do. We are definitely dangerously in the red and doubting that we will ever get out of it. I have tried everything that I could to convince Isabel that you and I are working towards our recovery plan and we will soon be ok. Unfortunately, although Isabel would like to believe it, she doubts that we will ever come safely out of this. All our dreams of putting a deposit for our house is now and it seems becoming very likely that Isabel and Damian will be moving back to her mother in Germany. She said that "yes, it is going to be uncomfortable and shameful but I do not have any other choice because, I am now also in debt and we cannot afford to have £3,500 outgoing each month. Ramon, for your information, I have copied you the figures. I really hope and prey that we will get through this. I honestly have complete trust on your sincerity to help us out. I can't thank you enough but it is very very hard.

13 Jul 2017

Ramon, the other day, Mathew has said the he would be speaking with me this Friday. Is it still on? Thank you for looking into a possible withdrawal of funds to see me through this month. I guarantee you, that I will remain a very long term client and friend of yours. Even when our portfolio becomes healthy, as you have shown in our plan, I will not be taking our any more than absolutely necessary. I really want the portfolio to increase in a conservative, safe and sure way. Both Isa and I are delighted about your news and wish you our heartiest best wishes. Prabha and Isa.

21 July 2017

Good Morning Ramon, I sincerely hope that you and your family are doing well. I suppose you are still on your paternity leave and cherishing the beautiful moments. We really need your help Ramon. Please don't leave us. Please have mercy on us. We are sinking badly. Please help   You are our only saviour. Please Ramon, I beg you.

31 Jul 2017

Hello Prabha,
I'm back in the office. Will take the day to re-group and get in touch ASAP.

Me: Good morning Ramon. What's the news with your family? Did all go well?
Ramon: All went well, we have a new member in the family  Did all go well?
Me: Wonderful news!!! Baby Ramon surely. Our hearty congratulations to both of you. You must be the proudest papa on earth  . Start of a wonderful journey ahead. Really please for you...

2 Aug 2017

Hi Ramon, We are very SAD that nothing is forthcoming from your end. You had mentioned before you went on leave that you would speak with you finance regarding my request for withdrawal. Your head of trading floor had promised that he would have a follow up telecom to review the recovery. The little money that Isabel earns has now been used up to cover some of my monthly debts.

We are so ashamed that we are now having to stop Damian's savings and divert it to cover my monthly debt.

If we do not have any money coming in this month (August), we will have to give notice to our landlord and vacate our flat. Well, obviously there is no more money coming in at all and we are extremely desperate with this whole situation. As we haven't had any chance to talk with each other, I felt I put my feelings in this form.

Please don't be so cruel to us. Please look at my family through my eyes and place yourself in my situation. I am 100% sure, you wouldn't let them go through what they are experiencing.”



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I could not attach the file earlier. Here it is for your viewing.


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I received a response from them today:

Cristian R
Sent: 07 September 2017 08:25
To: Prabha Thapa

Hi Prabha,

Thank you for your email and for your interest in PWRtrade!
Your account number is 287992

Please provide us with a time frame in which you are available to be contacted and also please provide us with a valid phone number that you wish to be reached at!

Also please note that my colleagues tried to contact you several times but without success!

If you have any other questions related to our platform or to our services, please feel free to contact customer support via email at or at our UK number + 442035143960, or for documents related concerns at

Kind Regards, Cristian R.

Customer Support and Compliance Department Officer
Tel: +44-203-514-3960
Customer Support<>
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Further update from PWR Trade received today. I am pleasantly shocked to have received their acceptance for me to withdraw my funds. I have responded to them saying that my funds are currently locked in investment, which will end on 22nd Sep 17. I shall therefore, place my withdrawal then.

From: Natalia C
Sent: 07 September 2017 11:43
To: Prabha Thapa
Subject: Re: PWRTRADE - Account number 287992 - [QZF-STJUD-146]

Dear Prabhakar,

Thank you for your swift response!
A representative will get in touch as soon as possible in order to assist.

In the meantime, we recommend you to check your trading history by accessing “My Account”>”Open” and “Expired” positions. Please check every available tab as it depends on which platform the trades were placed. (ex: Speed Option, Binary, Long Term etc.).

If you wish to withdraw the funds, please submit a withdrawal request on the website.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or phone.

Best regards,
Natalia C

PWRTrade Customer Support Department
Phone: +44-203-514-3960
Please, could this be escalated further, as I haven't had any further reaction from them yet..