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Good day to all. Well here is my horrid story from the start. I will include all i have about my current situation. I am including screen shots of the trades made and of the current situation i am in with this thing, sorry cant get myself to call it even a company. I will be adding attachments off the forms and the screen shots to be looked at.

Ok from the beginning. I was unfortunate to get PWRtrade as my assigned broker through the cash camp scam. I am just human a new dad of my little Hero, my boy, he will be 2 on 25th Dec, and a family man wanting to give my family a better future. Well cash camp assigned me to PWRtrade and i fund my account with €250 by credit card. Well as you know that money was almost halved after 1 day using cash camp. Then i get a phone call from a nice friendly lady and she says she will connect me to my "personal" broker. He is on the line and introduces himself as Daniel Lucas and that he is the Chief Analyst & Senior Broker and that with his help i will make good profits. He wants me to invest €10 000 and that he will make very good profits etc etc. Well i told him that i will not invest that amount and we got it down to €2 000, and that he will prove to me that he will make profit on this then i need to commit for the rest. I agreed to this. Then i explained to him that i cant trade all the time due to my work situation. No problem is his words he will do it for me. I then invested €2500 on the 5th Nov and got sent documents that i didn't have the time to even open or read. This was forms for him to be able to trade on my behalf. Then on the 9th Nov my account has €10 000 in it after i clearly told him i don't want any bonus from them. He phoned me and was urgently needing the forms he sent me i had to download print and sign them and then scan and send it back to him as there is a Major move in the markets coming. All the time i was doing this he was talking like crazy and i couldn't even read the damn contract thing. Ok so several days after my €2500 deposit no trades done and no profits i trade a bit and win some lose some. Then i get a call again from him on the 11th Nov telling me this long story about how his manager said he is not allowed to trade my account as the minimum is €10 000 for him to be able to add me to a trading group that i can follow. Never seen the following of his trades happening at all. Well after i then deposited the €7500 i don't hear from the "senior broker" Daniel for several days, But the worse part i cant even get into my own account as it keeps saying wrong user name or password used, even if i reset the password i get the same thing. I speak to there support and still nothing. By the 16th Nov i send him a message on Skype about the password issue and then its because they are awaiting the funds. The 17th same question his only answer is "Soon". 19th he says he is on it now at 12h10 i again send the same question and at 15h00 i finally get my password. That is 8 days i could not access my account. Well ok there has been some very dodgy trades done by Daniel. Then i changed my password so only i can have access to my account, well so i thought. Then yesterday he phones me and says he is going to do a few trades. Now a few trades at 10% of investment is only €1000 of open trades. The next moment there is €8000 of trades open at €1000 per trade. So yes that just freaked and PEEED me off all at the same time as im at work and this is going on for long trades thats closing in a few hours. Well at 00h10 this morning of the 24th Nov i requested a withdrawal after all trades closed. I changed my password for the account. I sent an email to Daniel and to support about the withdrawal and that i no longer want any trades done on this account. Support sent me the withdrawal form to be filled in and signed and i did this just around 07h30 this morning. They received it in good order. Then Daniel phones me at 09h35 from this number +442038085370 and then the worst **** i have ever heard comes from him. He tells me this, and this is the same as what he said in his email;
Hello Andrew,
I tried calling you just now simply because I wanted to clarify the trading performance from yesterday,
You can see all the trades I opened for the trading group, but as agreed you have 10% risk \ exposure to the market from your personal investment ,
That means , yesterday when you saw 8.000 Euro your risk was 800 Euro.
I will ask you from now on not to take any action with 1.000 Euro trades from the trading group from now on…
I am full of hope that my explanation helped you and your wife to see that the trading group is giving a lot of help with minimum risk.

Thank you .

I repeatedly tell him that i don't want him to trade anymore my account as i have requested the withdrawal. He came lots of reasons that it not allowed and this and that. Then only he brings up the contracts i had to sign in hast and states that at the bottom of one it says this
"The insurance plan can only be terminated upon parallel agreement from all parties" WHAT????? So i can say i am not happy and i dont want them to trade my account at all untill im blue in the face, If they dont agree they can keep trading my account? Amazing this. Ok i had to leave to go to Doctors appointment. I get back home and WOW. i cant access my account as the password has been changed with out my permission and there has been trades done in total €9000. I do get into my account again and i cant see any trades he has done just that the money is gone. In my mail i see he opened 6 trades, 5 wt €250 each and 1 with €1000. Only 2 where wins. Now that is just proving to me he is trying to empty my account. For the remaining trades he has done i cant even see that in my accounts open positions. I have sent him several messages, some not to nice, and till now no word from the fraudulent thieve. He reset my password and traded my account even after i told him to stop all trading. He just clearly doesn't care what i said and just goes his own way.

Now i have screen shots of many things during this past few weeks. I hope that You guys could help with this to get my money from these scammers, the money i signed the withdrawal papers for this morning.


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OK here is the update. Only 10 min ago amazingly the expired trades have appeared on the site. Th Daniel went and emptied our funds out my account in 15 min. he put the phone down on me at 0915GMT this morning 24th November. He opened the first trades at 0916GMT. That is the type of people and brokers that this scaming platform usses. I have attached screen shots now of the trades he has done. Please guys i will be for ever grateful if you could help me and my family to retrieve our families Funds. I also attached the withdrawal form i signed at 0630Gmt this morning. So after i requested the withdrawal he still went and emptied my account. PLEASE PLEASE FPA help us.


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Here is the link to the video i posted on Youtube about this broker. Also the attachment is to show the banking history and the time i requested the withdrawal.


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Ok update on this scam and fraud actions from PWRtrade. I have sent the complaint about them to the following, and to Cysec where they applied for a regulatory licence. I was sent this by Daniel Lucas on skype.
good morning,
right after this message i will block you from my SKYPE & E-mail until our Legal Department will solve your request to break the contract .
when i will have any news about the case i will update you,
good luck

Could someone please advise me what to do to get my money back. PLEASE. I need also assistance on starting the court case thing here against these people.

Thanks all the help will be appreciated. Im just on the verge of ending it all as i find it extremely hard to even look my children in the eyes knowing that im the one responsible for this happening to us.
Update The PWRtrade thieves and scammers have now refunded my Credit card payment of €250 but they call it fraud LMFAO. They still how ever haven't gotten back to me in anyway about the €10011 that there broker Daniel Lucas has stolen out of my account with his losing trades in 15 min. I would like to get info here please about how to proceed with Forex traders court please. I attach now the screen shot of the repayment they did.

Please could someone help me if i should invite them to come and explain themselves and there behaviour here or not.


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Ok new development. I again read the contracts i had to sign in the hast. I attached the part where i could terminate the contract at any time and for any reason. That i did by email at 0037GMT on the 24th November. Daniel Lucas then proceed to stil reset my password and trade my funds away at 0916GMT on the 24th November. Ok i cant get the file uploaded for some reason.
Now they have cancelled my withdrawal due to insufficient funds. Thats because there broker Daniel Lucas went and emptied the account after i put in the request. I would like to proceed with the court please if i can get assistance with this please. Please guys i need the help i just want the money that is legally mine. Could someone please help me with this. I have invited them here, i have sent 2 mails and countless calls and spoke in support chat countless times and they just seem to not care at all.
Please be aware of this company, it is 100% scam. I did a very big mistake in my life depositing USD 19K and although I got a profit but they manipulated of my account and took everything including the profit (USD 27231)
They did with me exactly the same as Mr. Andrewink

How you guys can help us?
Dear Andrewink

Can we combine our efforts against PWRTrade to get our money back. I already contacted a lawyer.
Please send you confirmation to:

Waiting for your quick response
Please be aware of this company, it is 100% scam. I did a very big mistake in my life depositing USD 19K and although I got a profit but they manipulated of my account and took everything including the profit (USD 27231)
They did with me exactly the same as Mr. Andrewink

How you guys can help us?

USD 19K is a fair amount however i always prefer and recommend diversifying investment portfolio by not putting it in one single bucket, I guess you need to collect firm evidences to support your plea. Meanwhile invite them to this link so that they can come here and explain the whole scenario.