Question about which forum thread to use.


Hi, all

Long time since my last post but I do follow the forums, giants and others posts etc.

Anyhow, I'm curious about where someone might post trading signals vs advertising for their trading signal or subscription service ?

For example:
At some point my track record and trading ability will have value to someone. I am working on good track record currently. However, at some point I will offer subscription based copy trades through simple trader. I anticipate that I would market my service at some point.

So where would I post something like this on FPA ? OR would I just pay FPA for ad space on their site ?
What else would be recommended to do with a good track record ?



FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
If the signals you post are free at the time you post them, then you can use Market Predictions and Reports both for the signals and to analyse the results.

If you just want to show off a trading record of a commercial system, then Commercial Trade Journals would be the best place.

If you want to keep me from starving to death, buying an advertising contract would be nice. :)

When this does go commercial, please consider joining the FPA's Performance Testing program.