Secured Options = Inside Option. Proofs enclosed.


Here is proof that Secured Options and Inside Option belong to the same family. A victim I am helping with who only has an account with Secured Options, made multiple payments to Secured Options and 2 of those transactions showed up on his bank statement as being transferred to Inside Option.

Were those deposits bank wires, credit/debit transactions, or some other form of deposit?
What's the victim's story? besides the technicality of the payments
The story? No different from any binary options victims out there. Promised profits and insured trades. Was even given a few contracts on these. In the end, all instructions given resulted in mainly losses and wiping out of trading account.
Get in touch with the fraud/disputes department at your credit card's issuing bank. Explain exactly what happened, how you were mislead and how promised services were not provided.

If they can't/won't help, WinChargeback may be able to assist.