The Skrill agree to pay up to $10,000.00 to settle $40.00 debt.

Hello merlin4x

Can you really take a large business firm to a small claims court in the USA ?

In Belfast (UK) a small claims court only handles cases were the hearing is informal, there is no lawyers, and no juries, but not quite like "Judge Judy" on the TV.

In my husbands case I mentioned earlier in this thread, if he had lose his case in the civil court, he was covered by a protection of "legal aid" as he was declared "out-of-work" at the time, if he had a been working and lose the "case", he could a found himself paying off a large "legal" bill.

Good luck
Yes you can, and you can ask up to up to $10,000, however, if the business takes you to small claims or counter claim they are limited to $5,000. There are no legal fees awarded in the small claim but may be on appeal which goes to Superior Court.
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