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Trading (MT4) Scammers, Gurus, Publishers, Advertisers etc

Discussion in 'General Forex Talk' started by francisfinley, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. francisfinley

    francisfinley Recruit

    Aug 13, 2018
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    I would like to draw your attention to this;

    Video 1:
    Video 2: (If you still don't get it)

    People are STILL believing 'Trading Gurus' in the face of this.

    Not only have we seen the study that 97% of people day trading on stocks in Brasil lost money, those that did only earned a pittance. No one (97% or more) 'trading' retail naked is making money - that is a fact. It is akin to Las Vegas at retail level. People need to be educated to this fact.

    The broker stats saying 78% of people lose money is fabricated nonsense.

    It is high time the Trading Forums, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter clamped down on letting these people promote without recourse - they can only do it with your help.

    Please share the hell out of these videos and help make this whole 'trading community' better. At present it isn't a community. It is a safe space for people who have zero skin in the game and zero ability to actually trade to make huge profits - some of these people are making $16,000 a month running Discord Chat rooms alone.

    Some 'Trading' Forums are absolutely terrible in recognising and dealing with scammers.

    I am afraid to state that most people coming in to "trading" wouldn't know a scam if it slapped them round the face with a wet fish, all day, until Christmas. When people have $$$ signs in their eyes they are in a different world and will beleive anything the Paid Course Leader pied piper will say.

    At this level, especially in Forex it is just gambling. Crypto is the new Gold Rush with scams everywhere.

    In the UK - The police are nowhere. Action Fraud are not recording and responding to crimes (documented fact) accurately nor timely nor is actual trained Police looking at your complaint.

    The FCA will only look at registered firm so it is open season for Scammers, Gurus, Publishers, Advertisers, Paid Courses, Signal Providers, Chat Rooms (Discord).

    What a mess.
  2. landorra

    landorra Private, 1st Class

    Apr 7, 2019
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    Wise words. Unfortunately, this is the daily life for us small fish: surviving against scambait.
  3. Thoris

    Thoris Private, 1st Class

    Feb 8, 2019
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    Well, then you should really do something with it by yourself, correct ? Don't fall for that things so easy like you did in the past and you should be good, correct ? So what it gives ? I am kinda lost on your position, you provide so many details, and ?

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