Tradorax SCAM!


Stay away from Tradorax,, first of all I couldnt login to my account I had to reset the password more than once, and then I saw that they canceled my withdrawal of $1000 and placed many losing trades and 2 long trades expiry end of July with all of my balance! $1500, still no resposne from them I suggest you all to stay away from them. first they said I have been hacked but after reading many reviews I see that the same happened to many accounts not only mine.STAY AWAY!


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deposited using debit card, which later they deposited from it $1000 without my knowlege I dunno how,,I had to block my card. still no reply from them
Talk to the fraud department at your bank. Explain that they are trying to wipe out your initial deposit with unauthorized trades and also tried to steal more money using an unauthorized charge. Ask if a chargeback can be done. Report back here about what they say.
This is exactly the same that happened to me. This company is a scam and you will never get you investment back. The support people and the brokers are working together to reseet your password and then do risky and huge value trades
Get your own thread opened here in Scam Alerts. Make sure to include information about how and when you deposited.