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STP forex broker

What is stp broker:STP broker is very well known in experience and expert trader. STP mean Strait Through Processing. Its an execution method of STP forex broker. That’s mean when traders execute trade order then it go direct to international market where have many liquidity provider such as bank, hedge fund, other brokers, investment corporations, financial institutions. its also calling no dealing desk. STP forex broker make profit by commission when trader execute trade.

Why STP broker is more safe and better for traders:

In STP system traders trade through direct in market for this reason there have safty of traders equity. its does not matter that which strategy trader using because STP broker always welcome more trade,

STP Broker not only welcome for more trades but also they welcome for scalping. there have no restriction about trades and strategy like MARKET MAKER BTOKER(MM). traders trades execute in inter-banking system.

STP broker is more safe for beginner trader than market make broker(MM).

STP forex broker do not open trades against trades, so its have more probability to make profit by them.

Advantage of traders with STP forex broker:

*STP broker have several liquidity provider there have high liquidity.

*Its more safe for execute big trades.

*Traders capital is more safe in STP forex broker because most of the STP forex broker have strict regulation.

*STP broker pass client trade order direct to liquidity provider.

*In STP method traders trade will not be filtering the orders in dealing desk because they will execute by no dealing desk.

*Traders orders will process very fast without delay.

*STP broker will not make re-quotes on clients orders so traders will not face problem with their execution.

*STP forex broker will allow trades during publish time of financial news without any restriction.

How you can find True STP forex Broker?

Its little hard to find true STP broker, many Market maker broker expose them by advertising as a STP forex broker but in reality they make dealing desk. but its not mean that you can not find true STP Forex broker. GIC Markets (GICM) have STP method where have several big liquidity provider. Several big liquidity provider good for traders trade specially big orders. GICM have many account with big capital. even account have with 1 billion capital. so its showing their trust rate and regulation. GICM well regulated and have clear method, so its means more safty about traders capital. you can visit their website or search on Google, Bing, yahoo etc to find about GICM( GIC Markets).

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