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first of all they send me an email to deposit amount like 500 dollar , and they promise me they will work with me with this small mount and keep in touch after I did they tried to ignore me and they did not reply my email.
After that my account manger his name is Ahmed he called me up and he told me if you want to make a good deal with us you have to deposit more money in your account
Then I got angrily with him and tried to close my account with this company , but they never allow me to do so always they making trick for us to change our mind.
The next day one of company staff ( his name is kamal siluman ) he called me up and he told my I am your manger account , why you make a problem with the company , we will do what ever you want , and he convince me to work with him and he He continued to convince me until I deposit almost nine thousand dollars to my account to get VIP advantages
Every thing documented from my bank , and my account with them I took screen shots for every small thing because every day he is asking only about money and he is always asked if my visa is ready to deposit some money, when he reach the amount and I saw the profit coming in , I asked him I want to take some money from my account because my account is close and without his permission I can not do any thing .
Why I told him because without his permission I can not get any money form my account I told him that , I worked 2 months cautiously with this company, I did a big deal for this company I never took any profit, this time I need only 2 thousand dollar , then he told me we are going to make a good deal with the silver , you will get 3.000 dollar then after that your account will be open and you will take what ever you want.
He did that in six minutes and the profit achieve three thousand dollars, ( evidence attached ) then I told him I have to go out right now and I want to withdraw a money form my account .
Then he told me again we still have another silver deal , after that you can take a money he manipulated over the phone ,the trade stared with minus 5.000 thousand dollar and went up to 12.000 thousand then message came to me if you want to safe your account you have to refund your account , and he called me over the mobile and he said to me you have no choice , fund your account or you may be in a risk , i cried a lot because that time i have no money in my credit card, I closed all the opened deal I thought by this I can safe my account but unfortunately , suddenly the trade was close with more than 12.525.000 dollar lost, I lost my own money, my profit, my effort I worked with this company more than 50 days continuously day & night without give-up , I tried to do my best to learn something new , instead of that they put me on pressure , stress , cheating me , I lost my morale, my own money , my self confidence , my morale .
I did not get any thing from them , only fraud and deceit !!!
How I can get my physical rights, moral rights back from this company??
How can I help others to avoid this company, and do not allow the to repeat this kind of situation for the other people?
I have an evidence for every signal words here, email, my bank statement my account detail , thier email etc..

( this not the hall story only , I did not mentioned only the outlines , some detail I will be mentioned it when ever we need it )
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Is it just me, or have we heard this story before? Open an account with UFX, get pressured to deposit more and more money, along with "helpful" advice to place very large and dangerous trades that result in a margin call.

I hope you've left a nice shiny 1 star review and tell everyone you can about this incident.
Thank you Pharaoh

Is it just me, or have we heard this story before? Open an account with UFX, get pressured to deposit more and more money, along with "helpful" advice to place very large and dangerous trades that result in a margin call.

I hope you've left a nice shiny 1 star review and tell everyone you can about this incident.

Thank you Phharpaoh , Please help me to tell everyone as mucha as we can about this incident to avoid that kind of scarm for peasce people.
HI FPA members please comment on my problem with UFX market to get my money back

The last silver deal from UFX market.JPG Hi FPA members Please comment on my Severe problem.

I beg your pardon to comment on my problem and to help me to get my money back they are cheating and the evidence is attached
Contact your bank and the local police. See if there's a way to file an internet based financial fraud complaint in your country.
I had almost a similar experience with UFX, there was only one difference, when they forced me to open new trade so that I can make more money and then close my account to withdraw the funds, I sensed something was wrong and closed all my open trades. When I searched online I was able to find a lot of people having similar stories with UFX Markets and that was how I joined FPA.

I too funded my account using my credit card, when my money was locked by UFX I spoke to my credit card company regarding the problem, since it was funded through the credit card, they can act on your behalf and ask for a refund, in my case they did return back the funded amount but failed to return the $4000 profit I made, at that moment I thought getting my investment was of prime importance, anyway, that was my case. I am not too sure how this would work for you as you have lost all money, but I still think it is worth talking with your credit card company regarding this. Hope this information helps.
Getting your initial deposit back from the credit card company was a good first step. If enough people having problems with UFX file complaints like that, UFX could lose their ability to take credit cards.

Let UFX know about this thread. Leave them a 1 star review. Let the world know that they are keeping your profits.

Based on this and other threads I've seen about UFX, here's a critical piece of advice:

If you are about to withdraw some money from UFX (or any other broker), then absolutely do not take any advice from the broker about opening one more trade before having the withdrawal processed.
Hi, im not 2 good at spelling but will try my best,can anyone tell me if its true what i was told about the time diffrence from the prices that are shown on my platform and closein price on tv, im in the uk, i trade with ufxmarket not been with them long and im doing ok, but when i asked about my platform and the difrence in priceses i was sent an email this was it { The DOW rate that your see is the rate of the stock exchange market.

We are trading on the contract of the DOW (the reason for the difference, is that the DOW is trading between 12:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT).

While the contract for the DOW is being traded 23 hours a day.

Phillip, there will always be a small difference between the two, same with S&P and NASDAQ.

For more questions don’t hesitate to contact me.



would like to know if its true, as when the Dowjones closed on friday 30th it was 13,212.04 on my platform it was 13,146.30, last monday i was waiting for the take profit that i was told to put in, it was 13,249.60 making me $210 it was just 9pips off take profit so like a good boy i waited
and yes you guesed it started to drop faster than i seen any drop, im still on that trade and waiting for sunday 8pm uk the expiration is 11.3.2012 dont know what will happen then if i lose my money or not, i sent email asking but nothing back yet. i do have emails and screen shots of my platform where the closed posishons are, like i sead im not good a spelling but not bad at sussing the good from the bad, will keep you posted by the way its 3.15am here so beter get sum shut eye thanks Phil
I had a similar experience with UFX and I managed to get back my money after about a month of frustration . I infact had to engage a greek lawyer to pursue the case, something I recommended to any trader that is experiencing his funds being taken hostage. But they held back my profit. Its really sad that one has to go through all that just to withdraw your own money. I really hope they have learnt something from all the bad publicity their way of doing business is generating
I too heard lots of negative views on UFX .Personaly i don't have any good/bad experience.All victims are requested to attach their evidance.I don't found any attachment in this thread