Unjustified Complaint - XM.com just "ROBBED" all my deposit.


I was just "robbed" all of my deposit, caused by the auto-close lots of the trading platform's risk management.

But no one told me what's the rules' detail? Even when I asked my XM assistant, he told me, "I don't know.", what the crap!!

When I was doing hedging, sometimes there will be lots auto-closed by the system and marked as "so:", I don't even have any menu to tell me what does it mean? And how come it just jump out and robbed my deposit automatically?

Such as this picture, there are many "SO:" closed lots, when the position EURUSD just made a huge wave, and all of my deposit was eaten:


It happened like this: I was doing hedging, will break even at the position about 1.11999, still need about 30 pips went down, almost there, but I was worried about the sudden huge up wave, so I made a pending buy order at about 1.12455 far from the current position about 30 pips up.

When the disaster came, it suddenly went up 70 pips in 2 sec. The pending order was executed at 1.12786 even 30 pips more than my pending price!!!! not a little over it, so my hedging suddenly become the lost side. (Original is profit side down)

In The next 2 sec. it suddenly went down 170 pips again, so my making profits' hedging became huge loss, just in 4 secs. The last pending order even become 140 pips lost, just because the system RISE MY ORDER PRICE 30 pips up!!! I can at least lose less more, but the system don't let it happened.

What I will complain is, even the situation, I still have some credit to wait it to become profit again, or I can just add some deposit again to do better hedging.

But the system just closed them all in the next 1 sec and gave me "EMPTY DEPOSIT ALL" record in the history and marked as "SO:".... Did the system mean, "I just robbed you all, 'SO' what?"

In such situation, huge wave 70+ and 170- will kill all the trader who had 1/3 of money in the market who has a small account. The system will eat all of the deposit!!!!


Simple math, if you have 300 USD in your deposit, and want to do hedging, you will be only can use 10 USD for margin to trade one time, so ridiculous.

The 70+ in 1 sec, then 170- in another sec maybe won't happen everyday but at least 1 time in 1 week.

Maybe the plus500 has some problem, but never do such thing to eat all of the deposit of client, they still give you hours to wait the position come back or just deposit more to save money.

The results are totally different like one in heaven, the other on in the hell.

For example, I can save my money with deposit more 34 USD for saving my money if the situation just going bad, after that, I will save my 200 USD + new 34 USD, maybe a few 6 USD profit.

That's on the plus500.

But in XM, no chance to do nothing, just 200 USD was eaten!!!!


Let me explain:

When doing hedging on a small account, FULL 6 times lots created will need about 9.2 lots in the market, even you didn't created them all, only with 2 lots in the wrong direction, when the bad thing happened, 2 lots may caused about 70~100 USD lost.

So the system will close the most worse lot to reduce the loss, but when it do it, it will find out the deposit may doesn't have enough money to lose, so close all the loss lots.

But as we know, when it confirmed all the loss, you may have remain only 150 USD in the example above, then the position starting going back.
If the system do not close the lots so fast, this mean, "LOSS WILL REDUCE NOW", but.... NO!!!! the system don't let it happened!!!!


THE HIGHEST LOSS IT TOOK!!!! then the position will go back and the profits start to reduce, YES, IT LET IT HAPPENED!!!!

The conclusion is, even the Joseph will lose his deposit and all his lots, even if he only take 1/30 of his deposit for trading, he will totally lose his 1/2 deposit.

Because when the system do the math, the margin is possible to grow up as 100 USD in the example, and 100 USD loss at first.

Then the magic happened,

300 deposit - 100 loss = 200 USD.
200 deposit - 100 margin = 100 USD.

When the things went bad, there must be another lot will cost 100 USD loss, so the system do its math again.

100 deposit - 100 loss = 0 USD or even negative...

In the mean time, System begin to close profit lots for balance. Maybe such as:

76 profit + 66 profit = 142 USD

Ok, congratulation, You or Joseph will lose 158 USD.

Maybe my calc has something wrong or unclear in them, but most likely the system do such things. System will win all the time.

No matter what XM approved hedging, because in most case, the system will win, and the 70+, 170- even over the Zone Recovery which the Joseph did, no mention those small client, will never let 50 pips for the hedging zone.

Today I only use 1/5 of deposit for creating a lot, I don't think it is too large for it, but what the system did was causing my most lost as it can do.

I believe the HUGE WAVE must made by brokers to eat all small clients' deposit. Especially who has pending order.

I won't do any trade on MetaTrader 4 any more before I had at least deposit 20 times of per trade margin.


BTW, the demo account is no use for me, first, I don't have that amount of money, even 1/10 of demo, so the system will take out all of my money every time if I don't have enough money.

Second, I know some skill now but useless for such crap things happened!! SELL/BUY STOP or LIMIT even caused it more worse.

As I know the <etaTrader 4 maybe a good app but the XM's rules are so horrible, maybe I just stay in plus500 will be better than current situation. At least they let me has a chance to make things better.

I can understand there must be a rule to protect risk growing too much to cancel it, but WHERE IS THE RULE?

I know if I have enough deposit, it may not happen, BUT... wait, if I am so rich, how do I need to trade to lose? I am struggling just because I am so poor and not that much money to deposit.

The system just ate all of the deposit in 1 second, never left any chance to let client make thing right, I don't think this is a good algorithm to treat clients.


If I don't know it, I will be a nude guy staying with a group of pirates and waiting them to rob me with blades and guns anytime I can not even know or avoid them.

(PS: the assistant of XM is useless, slow and don't know anything.)


Unless I'm misreading that trading statement, it looks like price went against you and you got a margin call.

You need to keep your trade sizes very small and stop losses very tight until you learn the art of risk management. Otherwise, a price spike will wipe you out no matter what broker you are using.


I really don't know what you were thinking making those lot size trades on a USD200-300 trading account....unless, of course, you are using 2000:1 leverage available with some brokers.