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What information does the FPA have about me?

Discussion in 'Forex Peace Army FAQ and Knowledge Base' started by AsstModerator, May 24, 2018.

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  1. AsstModerator

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    What information does the FPA have about me?

    If you are a forums member, we have the username you gave when you signed up, the email address you signed up from, and the IPs you used to sign up and login from. If you added any information to your user profile, the FPA also has that. If you fill out preference polls, that data will be kept. The FPA does use cookies to track browsing habits in the website so your experience can be optimized to your preferences.

    If you really want to know your own username, email, IP addresses you've used and what you wrote in your user profile, the FPA will be happy to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998 and provide that to you for a small fee. Please fill out the form below. If you want me to dig through your answers to the 2 or 3 marketing polls the FPA sent, please mention that in your message. To make certain the FPA protects your information, this information will only be sent to the current email address on your forums account.

    If you feel any information you provided the FPA is incorrect, you can also use the form below for provide corrections.

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