Out of business Black Parrot (Blonde Bear) Blue Seal Limited
Updated: Aug 24, 2022
Vix500 is a forex broker. Vix 500 offers the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. offers over 5 currency pairs, indices, asset, stocks and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.

September 2018:  Vix 500 is part of the Black Parrot/Blonde Bear group of companies.  This group has at least 5 FPA Traders Court guilty votes against them.  All companies in this group are hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

The FPA warns traders not to do business with any company associated with the Black Parrot/Blonde Bear group.

Vix 500 is part of a group of websites tied to Black Parrot Limited and Blonde Bear OU. Sites which are part in this group include,,,,,,,,, and
Website is down. One less scam site in business.

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Matthew Oleander
Sydney , Australia,
Sep 27, 2017,

Vix500 & Mr Dennis Bjork - PROFESSIONAL THIEVES!!

Vix500 - One of the Worst platforms!
Dennis Bjork - One of the Worst brokers/account managers! Just all bad news! Typical friendly & convincing introduction but within days everything changes: constant pressure to deposit, lies, lies, lies, poor trades, manipulation, arrogance, control, bullying. I did much better when I ignored Dennis and did not deposit any more money & did my own trading - however after making a nice profit over a couple of months he then refused to allow ANY withdrawal of my profits or initial deposit!! Lost the lot! Now NO response from Dennis or Vix500! Vix500 'Support' Team - that's a bad joke! STAY AWAY FROM HIM & VIX500!! Don't believe ANYTHING Dennis or Vix500 says!! Just scammers, cheaters, liers & thieves!!! Will now be trying to recover funds through legal action - not optimistic, but will give it a go!
Aug 22, 2017,
Registered user


I've suffered my worst expirience with Vix500. My account manager (Andrew Cohen) was working from regulated company and I worked with him without any problem. When he became a partner of Vix500, I tryed to explain him that this wasn't a good company, without regulation and located in Vanuatu republic. Wikipedia says that it i one of th most corrupted country. He insisted with me to open an account basing my trust on the work done from him in the past. In Juanuay 2017 I opened an account and in July 2017 he made negative transactions until zero. Stay away from Cohen Andrew and its secretary Ilaria Marini and Emma Berg and stay away from Blue Seal LTD, Blonde Bear OU in Estonia. They are CROOKS!
United Arab Emirates,
Jun 16, 2017,
Registered user

Trading with unknown broker is very dangerous and most likely you will lose your investment

I recived a call from them one day and advised me to invest with their company , and assigned me a manager, to help me learn about financial markets and to protect my investment, after I complied with their request and startied trading, my manager was rarely contacting me, every two days or so he calls to put a trade and which was always bad and goes out with stop loss, after a few days from my signing up with the company a person named Denis bjorg called and said he was my new manager and placed a trade that was as bad as the rest of them, this time I wasn't doing bad by myself and made some profit alone , when he placed the trade the last time I heard from him I was mislead and lost nearly 80% of my deposit and never heard from him again till this day and when ever I contact anyone at the company they refuse to answer or respond to and I only had been trading with this conpany 20 days from the day i started to the day I lost most of my investment
Mar 11, 2017,
Registered user

ARE THIEVES !! Beware, NOT paid money, they stole 5000e
I made a complaint to the authorities.

SONO DEI LADRI!! Fate attenzione,NON versate soldi,mi hanno rubato 5000e
Ho fatto denuncia alle autorita.
Canberra, Australia,
Feb 2, 2017,

Conversation proved Vix500 Blue Seal Limited has advisors doing some sort of scam

I was contacted by an advisor calling himself Denis Bjorg who said he worked in the Zurich branch of Vix500.
He said they were registered and regulated in the UK.
The are not on the Financial Services Registrar of UK.
The only securities license on their site vix500 is Blue Seal Limited 24 May 2016 in VANUATU!!!! company 14629
I could hardly hear the person due to the plethora of background voices, obviously a call centre, but he referred to it as a trading floor.. haha
When I told him they were not registered in UK under vix500, he basically said I did not know how to find this information. He wanted to know site of FSR. If he was a real broker he would be well aware.
This is obviously some sort of scam.
Hopefully this helps someone not be tricked into whatever it is they are doing.
Auckland, New Zealand,
Dec 18, 2016,
Registered user

I wouldn't trust VIX500

Hidden registration? Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu? Cancel any trade .. for any reason?
You have been warned.
Got a cold call from them (from a Malta-based number) after 22:30. Checking their web site(, registration hidden behind Domains By Proxy, LLC. T&C (, 'Vix500 is operated and owned by Blue Seal limited (referred in this agreement as "the Company" Ltd, Vanuatu House, 133 Santina Parade, Elluk, Port Vila)' and 'The company is entitle to cancel any trade, made outside of the automatic calculation for any reason it decides, no matter the or type of position.'

BTW I have been to Port Vila (and checked for malaria afterwards) - not what I'd call a recognised international commerce hub.